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The Pool Co.

The Pool Co. specialises in the construction of both concrete and fibreglass pools in Sydney.

With integrity and value top of mind, let The Pool Co build the backyard of your dreams. The Pool Co handles all aspects of the pool build. From a custom design to construction and council approvals. Everything from the certification and handover right through to maintenance and servicing. You can sit back, relax and get ready for a lifetime of great family memories of your new pool!

Concrete pool building built by a licensed builder. To build a quality concrete swimming pool, you need quality tradesman and women. We have the industry knowledge to handle all the heavy work to leave you with peace of mind.

Our team work collaboratively with you. We listen to ensure we capture every little detail to build the best possible swimming pools for you and your family.

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The better pool builder.

We’re not just leading swimming pool builders but Sydney locals. With our experience and knowledge of Sydney, we know how to save money and build dream swimming pools. Our team are here to help, from design and construction to providing advice and quality customer service.

Pool Design.



Pool Design.

The Pool Co know what it takes to build your dream pool or spa. We take the time to sit and plan out your new pool design so you can see it come to life before it’s built. This includes planning for water features, finishes and pool construction materials.



Council Approvals

The Pool Co will help get council approvals for your home or land, whether an infinity edge pool, plunge or lap pool. We handle all the paperwork and building processes for council approvals. Our project managers and swimming pool builders will take everything for you, from backyard landscaping to a full range of pool furniture.

Council Approvals
Pool Construction



Pool Construction

We’re local Sydney pool builders and licensed builders. This means the attention to detail, quality and building process is tuned to perfection. You can just be focusing on getting you and your family into your new pool as soon as possible without hold-ups or delays.




At handover, we give the pool a thorough clean. We add all the chemicals to make everything swim-ready. We show our clients how to use all the filtration and ensure they’re comfortable and happy. We do all this before they sign off and enjoy their first swim!

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