The Avanti fibreglass pool is ideal for compact & narrow backyards!

The Avanti pool is one of our slimmer custom designed fibreglass pools. It’s the perfect choice for any compact backyard granting you the luxury and benefits of a full-size pool. There are various colours to choose from, to suit the design of your backyard.

The elegant, clean lines of the Avanti design make it superb for entertaining guests, fitness & fun. Please speak to one of our pool specialists about how The Avanti swimming pool can be the perfect fit for your home!

  • Custom skimmer box placement (your choice)
  • High line water level
  • Slip-resistant steps floor
  • Child safety ledge the perimeter of the pool
  • Unobstructed swimming corridor
  • Multiple lounging areas/kids play area
  • Easy access point both shallow, deep ends
  • Add bubbling spa nook
  • Extra straight walls – more swimming area
  • Unique square corner design
  • Available in 4 different sizes










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