Elevate Your Backyard Pool With A Stunning Pool Deck

Are you ready to take your backyard pool to new heights of elegance and relaxation? Look no further than a beautifully crafted pool deck to transform your poolside experience.

Beyond mere aesthetics, a well-designed deck offers the perfect space to unwind and bask in the sun’s warmth while enjoying the refreshing waters of your pool. While pavers and concrete were once popular choices for pool surroundings, modern wooden options have taken centre stage, adding a touch of contemporary charm to poolscapes across the globe.

Get ready to create lasting memories and elevate your poolside oasis with a sophisticated pool deck that perfectly complements your lifestyle. Whether you are building a new pool, or renovating your current one, let us help you create the perfect decking. Contact our Sydney pool building experts today at (02) 5137 7000 to discuss your options!

What Materials Can You Use?

Timber Decking -Timber decking is popular because these wooden boards look great around a pool. Plus, wood feels softer and smoother underfoot than complex, rough concrete. The timber used in pool decking must be able to withstand all types of weather as well as get wet often. Spotted gum and Merbau are common timber choices for pool decking. This is due to their rot-resistant properties. Some other woods will rot exceptionally quickly if they get wet too often.

Composite Decking - A newer pool decking option is a composite deck. This durable decking can last around your pool for 20 or 30 years. This decking material is designed to mimic the look and feel of wood, but it is made from a combination of plastic and wood. The benefit of composite decks is that it is slip-resistant than wood when wet. Plus, you don’t have to worry about splinters when walking on it barefoot. Composite materials also don’t need to be stained and will look great longer than timber.

We Handle The Hard Stuff For You

The construction of a new pool deck usually requires a building permit. If you’re getting your dream pool built simultaneously, you would need to apply for one anyway, but it is a consideration if you add a deck to an existing pool. This can delay the process for up to 4 weeks while waiting for local council approval. Factors such as the distance from the neighbouring property, trees, and other buildings can affect the building permit’s time.

We prioritise your satisfaction and offer top-notch swimming pool services at competitive prices, backed by a workmanship warranty. Trust us for an exceptional pool deck installation that elevates your outdoor experience and ensures lasting quality.

If you think a deck would be a welcome addition to your pool area, contact The Pool Co. for advice on materials and building. We have fully licensed builders in Sydney on staff who can build a well-constructed deck around your pool.

Let’s Talk About Your New Deck

A pool deck can be a great addition to any pool area. It can add value to your property and provide a safe, aesthetic surface for you and your guests to enjoy. Many options are available for pool decks, so you can choose the material and design that best fits your needs and preferences. If you are unsure, our deck builders in Sydney can help you find the best ground pool decking for your swimming pool.

Let us help you spruce up your outdoor living space! For the pool decking Sydney locals love - look no further than The Pool Co. To speak with an expert Sydney deck builder, give us a call. Our friendly team are happy to provide expert advice on decking materials for your outdoor space. And you can even ask us for a free quote on your decking project!

So for all your decking needs, get in touch with us today!

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