Retaining walls are an important safety feature for sections where the land is sloped. The Pool Co. has certified builders who are qualified to construct retaining walls to keep you and your family safe.

What Is A Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a wall constructed to hold back the ground or soil behind it. On a steeply sloped section where the land suddenly drops down, landscapers will often cut away some land and add a retaining wall. This is a stylish solution for using land that would otherwise be difficult to use.

Retaining walls work best against soils such as rock, sand, or gravel. Topsoil, soft clay, and other softer ground are not as compatible for use with a retaining wall.

Pool Retaining Walls

The Pool Co. is highly experienced in constructing retaining walls for your pool. If you want a pool installed on the edge of your sloped section, such as an infinity pool, you will need a retaining wall.

This wall is in place to hold the pool safely even though it is not on a solid, flat piece of ground. This way, you can fill up your pool knowing that the weight will not affect your land.

We run the steelwork for the wall up out of the pool shell and use concrete to adhere it to the side of the pool. Another option is to construct a block retaining wall on top of the pool wall rather than alongside it.

Other Retaining Walls

Of course, retaining walls are not only built alongside pools. They can also form part of the pool landscaping. For example, one could be used to create a raised garden bed on the edge of a hill. Create a retaining wall out of rock and have a water feature installed that looks like a waterfall cascading over the rock wall.

Using wood as the material is one option for your retaining wall. It’s cheaper than other materials but unfortunately won’t last for as long. Wood can rot and decompose, which will compromise the structural integrity of the wall. That’s why other materials such as brick and concrete are more commonly used in retaining walls. These are lower maintenance and as well as long-lasting and sturdy. Plus, they can add elegance and texture to the space.

Contact The Pool Co. today to update the look of your landscaping with a retaining wall. Whether you want one for the edge of your pool or to create an elegant garden space, we are here to help.