Pool Fencing: Where Safety Meets Style

Installing a new pool fence is a fantastic way to enhance the style and safety of your swimming pool. In Sydney, having a pool fence is not only a wise decision but also a legal requirement. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose a pool fence that not only adheres to state regulations but also adds an elegant and stylish touch to your pool area.

At The Pool Co, we offer a diverse range of pool fencing materials, styles, and colours to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer the sleek and modern look of frameless glass pool fencing or the more traditional appearance of aluminium pool fencing, our friendly team of Sydney pool fencing specialists is dedicated to providing you with high-quality options that meet both state regulations and your aesthetic expectations.

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What Are The Sydney Pool Fence Requirements?

Pool fencing requirements vary from state to state. We know all New South Wales requirements and Sydney council rules. These rules prevent accidents and keep children and animals from entering the pool space.

Keep your family safe by getting high-quality fencing installed around your pool. You should be aware of a few general rules when selecting pool fencing:

  • Your pool fence must be at least 1.2 metres high on a deck or lawn. This height was set to be tall enough that young children could not climb over it.
  • Your pool edge must be at least a metre away from the fence. Many people like to use the boundary fence as part of the pool fence to save space. It is possible to do this, but it needs to meet the exact pool fencing requirements.
  • The gate on a pool fence needs to be self-closing. This prevents the risk of it being left open and a child wandering unsupervised into the pool area.

We have been providing pool fencing in Sydney for years. If you are unsure whether your pool is up to Australian standards, please contact our excellent customer service team!

Fencing Materials For Your Sydney Pool

We can design your pool fencing from different materials depending on your tastes and budget. If you are unsure which material best suits your home, our true professional team is happy to help!

Glass Fencing - Glass pool fencing is becoming highly popular in Sydney due to its subtle but modern aesthetic. A semi-frameless glass pool fence is constructed from durable, toughened glass that can last through any weather. With this glass fence, the glass panels won’t break or shatter, making it an extremely safe fencing option around Sydney.

Aluminium Pool Fencing - An aluminium pool fence is an easy-to-maintain, low-cost alternative to glass pool fencing. This low-maintenance material lasts throughout the seasons without rusting or showing a lot of wear and tear. Aluminium fencing is a great choice if you place the fence on sloping or uneven ground.

Stainless Steel - Stainless steel is another material for fence panels that looks nice and is strong enough for all weather conditions. It is strong and long-lasting and can also suit a sloped landscape. However, you will need to add a galvanised coating to prevent the steel from rusting. It’s also a relatively expensive fencing material compared to other options.

Enhance Your Pool, Protect Your Loved Ones

Choose The Pool Co in Sydney for all your pool fencing needs. With years of experience and expertise, we are industry leaders in ensuring the safety and style of your swimming pool. We offer a wide range of options, including frameless glass and aluminium pool fencing, to suit your preferences and budget. Our pool fences comply with local regulations, guaranteeing the security of your pool area.

We prioritise quality and durability, using premium materials that withstand the Australian climate. Our outstanding customer service ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, and our skilled technicians provide a precise and efficient installation process.

Trust our reputable name and join our satisfied customers who have made us their trusted choice for pool fencing.

Contact Sydney’s Pool Fencing Specialists Today!

When you choose The Pool Co for your pool fencing, you can expect unparalleled expertise, a wide range of options, compliance with safety regulations, durability, outstanding customer service, seamless installation, and the trust that comes with our reputable name.

To find out more about pool fencing Sydney options, contact us today by giving us a call. Our pool experts can go over fencing options to help you find the perfect choice for your pool by providing you with a free quote.

We can also assist you with obtaining the exact specifications for your new pool fencing. And with our exceptional service, we guarantee a great experience and competitive prices.

So, give our Sydney pool experts a call today on (02) 5137 7000!

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