If you’re after something out of the ordinary, you might want to consider getting a custom-designed swimming pool. Custom-designed concrete swimming pools can take any shape you would like and come in various styles, depths, and sizes. Get your perfect swimming pool designed specially to suit your property.

Pool Shape

Perhaps you would like your swimming pool to be a specific shape to suit the landscaping in your backyard. It can be a nuisance when you have a tiled area that you would like to retain, but it’s stopping a regular-shaped pool from fitting on your property. Get around this issue by having your swimming pool shaped custom-designed. Our custom pool builders will guide you through various options and provide expert advice on which pool styles and custom concrete pool designs would best complement your property.

Lagoon-style custom concrete pools are one of our most requested custom shapes. When you choose the shape yourself, you can have the curves placed to allow for bushes, raised land, or any other features of your backyard.

Pool Size

Finding a pool small enough to suit your petite section or large enough for your massive backyard can be tough. Many people in these situations get a pool custom-designed to suit the size of their property.

A plunge pool with water jets can be great if you need a small pool. These jets provide water resistance so swimmers can get an extra workout without going far.

If you’re an avid swimmer, perhaps you would like a lap pool for your backyard. Make it extra long so that you can practice laps for longer distances.

Pool Depth

Need to practice diving? Many home concrete pools are not deep enough to accommodate this. However, if you get your pool custom-designed, it can be any depth you like. Diving concrete pools are generally more than 3 metres deep to accommodate how far you plunge into the water.

Maybe you’re looking for a shallow wading pool so your children can play safely in the water. We can add a separate wading section to a new pool or build standalone wading concrete pools to accommodate this. This allows your children to splash around safely without straying in too deep.

Let us know if you have anything else in mind that you would like to be customised in your custom pool design. This could be water features, jets, lights, or anything else. Or maybe you’re on a sloping section and need advice on what pool options are available to you. Contact us at The Pool Co. now to discuss how we can design your perfect custom swimming pool. We can help in all areas of concrete pool construction & renovation.

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