The classic fibreglass swimming pools can bring style and luxury to any home and provide a great place to relax and play all year round!

The Classic pool design creates the perfect outdoor space for a large family that loves to entertain. This fibreglass pool’s modern and seamless design makes it the ideal addition to your backyard. Its significant grand entry steps and lounging area offer a great relaxation zone while providing additional safety for children.

The Classic pool is one of our top-of-the-range fibreglass pools for those looking for a touch of class to complement your outdoor living space. It’s the perfect addition to any modern, contemporary or traditional-style home.

  • Custom skimmer box placement (your choice)
  • High-line water level
  • Slip-resistant steps floor
  • Child safety ledge on the perimeter of the pool
  • Grand entry steps
  • Sleek, simple lines
  • Extra-large swimming area
  • Generous lounging area
  • Add bubbling spa nook
  • Can be themed modern, contemporary or traditional
  • Extra straight walls – more swimming area
  • Unique square corner design
  • Available in 4 different sizes
Size Chart
Whitehaven Colour Swatch


Tahittian Lime Colour Swatch


Platinum Quartz Colour Swatch


Metallic Karbon Colour Swatch


Mediterranean Colour Swatch


Maldives Colour Swatch


Carribean Colour Swatch


Boro Boro Colour Swatch


Bahamas Colour Swatch


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