The Entertainer fibreglass pool is perfect for those who love to party all summer long!

The Entertainer pool was given its name for a reason and is designed to provide you with the perfect space to entertain or host a kids pool party. It will transform your backyard into your private resort. Its functional modern design offers easy access points, multiple child wading areas, and lots of space for relaxation. It’s got the lot!

This pool makes a stunning centrepiece in any backyard that will bring your family and friends together to enjoy.

  • Custom skimmer box placement (your choice)
  • High line water level
  • Slip-resistant steps floor
  • Child safety ledge the perimeter of the pool
  • Multiple lounging/child play areas
  • Easy entry points both shallow, deep ends
  • Massive swimming area
  • Add bubbling spa nook
  • Extra straight walls – more swimming area
  • Unique square corner design
  • Available in 4 different sizes










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