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A wet edge pool is ideal for making the most of the view from your property. Also called an infinity-edge pool, this style is often positioned towards the horizon on the edge of your property. They provide the illusion of water spilling over the edge into the landscape beyond. Feel one with nature as you gaze out from your backyard paradise.

With our infinity pools, you’ll feel a sense of tranquillity and timelessness. Imagine floating weightlessly as the water seamlessly merges into the skyline. This is a swimming experience unlike any other. Our Sydney infinity pool builders team can build your dream swimming pool anywhere in Sydney and the outer suburbs.

Our industry-leading designers will help you plan every detail, from the ideal placement to catching the view to choosing the right materials and finishes. Partner with the premier builders of luxury infinity pools in Sydney. Contact us today at (02) 5137 7000 to schedule a design consultation!

Our swimming pool builders and designers will guide you to your dream infinity-edge pool from concept to reality.

It’s no wonder we’re the infinity pool builder Sydney locals trust in building their infinity-edge pool. Our 5-star customer ratings, friendly team and innovative designers make for an industry-leading company.

Whether you want a glass edge, tiled interior, or sizeable family-sized plunge pools with light effects for that luxury look, our designers will build features and ideas and handle everything needed for council approvals.

The Ideal Backyard

The ideal backyard for an infinity pool is on a sloped property or on the side of a hill. This provides the perfect illusion and allows us to insert an unseen basin lower down for catching the water.

This pool requires a lot of space to work with, as the side of your property will often need to be cut down. This is required to install the basin to catch the water. Cutting off your property’s edge will give the illusion of your backyard being slightly smaller, so only do this if you are happy to have a little less space.

The last factor that makes your backyard ideal for a wet edge pool is its magnificent view. This type of pool will turn the scenery into the focal point of your property.

Why Build an Infinity Pool?

The reason that people love infinity pools is that it’s an elegant design feature. You can build one so that the infinity edge perfectly blends with your water views, creating a stunning look.

It’s a statement piece that looks great and is practical. Swim laps, play with your kids, and more!

Infinity Pool Cost

The cost of a wet edge pool is higher than a regular pool due to the different processes it requires. The engineering and construction are more complicated because of the pool’s infinity edge.

The basin beneath is often placed in a precarious location because it needs to be below the pool, usually on a hill.

Infinity Pool Maintenance

Infinity edge pools may require more maintenance than other types of swimming pools. You will need to watch the circulation pump as it may break. You may also find that water keeps overflowing but doesn’t come back into the main pool. There can also be some water evaporation occurring from the overflow.

Like most swimming pools, it’s advised to manage by a professional to ensure it’s running at its best.

The Pool Co. has plenty of experience in installing infinity pools. Because of the complicated nature of the installation, this experience is critical in ensuring the safety of your pool. That’s why many of our clients come to us to have an infinity pool installed.

The Pool Co. can design one to suit your property’s slope and organise the engineering behind this to install it flawlessly; contact our swimming pool builder today for a free pool quote and expert advice.

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