Is your pool looking dated or no longer useable? Over time, pools experience wear and tear which can compromise their integrity, causing cracks and leakage. When this happens, it’s time to look at renovating your pool to replace it with a modern and practical version.

The Pool Co. are pool building experts, so pool renovations are no hassle for us. With our years of pool building experience, we are the masters of coming up with solutions to your pool issues.


If your pool is looking dingy and dated but is still fully functional, resurfacing might be the answer. You’ll be surprised how much resurfacing can update the look of your pool. Get tiling installed on the interior for a polished look or add long-wearing Epoxy coating onto a concrete pool.

If you find that your pool tends to build up a layer of scum around the waterline, adding waterline tiling is a solution you should consider. Build-ups on the waterline are caused by substances like pollen, sunscreen, and chemicals gathering on the edge of the pool. Waterline tiles are easy to clean and don’t absorb these elements, keeping your pool looking beautiful for longer.

New Technology

A pool renovation can be a good time to take the opportunity to upgrade the technology in your pool. Add in a self-regulating chlorinator, variable speed pump, or a new heating system to improve your pool. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to switch to solar heating or get some LED lights installed for swimming at night. Let us know and we can make it happen.

While we’re renovating it anyway, you may as well take the chance to get new pipework installed in your pool. This can provide better filtration and water flow to assist with pool maintenance. 


Perhaps you wish you’d had pool steps installed when you had your pool designed. Or you’d love it if your pool was shallower to be safer for your children. Whatever it is, we can recreate your pool to your requirements. Anything that we use to build pools, we can use to alter them.

At The Pool Co., we have licensed builders who can construct new structures or alter existing ones. Keep in mind that this work will likely need a building permit and can end up just as costly as installing a new swimming pool. If you need advice on whether your alterations will be worth it or if a new pool will be better value for money, get in touch with us today.