Discover Our Premier Pool Landscaping Services In Sydney

Have you recently built a new pool and want to enhance your outdoor space with a unique garden design? We can transform your existing pool design and landscape area into an oasis. Having the landscaping redone when a new swimming pool is installed on a residential property is essential for a sleek, completed look. Landscaping will give your backyard a cohesive look, like the swimming pool was there all along.

If you don’t have the time or the skills to do this yourself, The Pool Co. can help. We offer pool landscaping services in Sydney so that you can have your pool looking its best. We are your premier destination for all your pool landscaping needs. Our experienced professionals will take your pool from blah to wow with creative design, expert installation and quality materials.

Let’s get started and make your backyard dreams come true! Contact our friendly and experienced team on (02) 5137 7000 for a quote today!

Sydney’s Best Pool And Landscape Design Services

Walkways - These paths are helpful when running from one to the other so that you won’t step on something or get your feet dirty on the grass. Various types of timber and stone pavers are popular choices. Luckily, we know which ones get slippery when wet and other considerations you may not have considered. We are here to advise what type of pathway materials might be best to use by your pool.

Garden Beds - Part of making your backyard look thoroughly planned out is a beautiful garden bed. Adding garden beds to complement your pool area can be a great way to get a view from the pool. Certain plants and flowers don’t fare well near a pool’s chlorinated water. Luckily, our pool experts know these and can provide professional advice to you on which plants will flourish next to a pool.

Structures - Would you enjoy the experience of cooking outside? We can build an outdoor kitchen in your patio area. Or perhaps you would like a pergola to shade you from the sun’s harsh rays – we can build that too. Our experienced builders can construct any structure you would like in your backyard!

Timeless Designs For Your Swimming Pool

You may wonder why you need a pool and landscaping service when constructing a new pool. The answer lies in the magic of pool landscaping, offering the opportunity to create a seamless and timeless design that makes your new pool look like it has been there forever.

At The Pool Co, we understand the importance of designing spaces around your pool that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and enjoyable. We go beyond just installing a pool, focusing on crafting relaxing areas like a perfect patio or a fabulous garden by the pool. These thoughtful touches will transform your backyard into a cosy, inviting sanctuary that feels like home.

Whether you’re undergoing pool installation, renovations or desire post-pool project enhancements, our pool landscaping services are available to transform your pool area and outdoor space into a captivating oasis. We are your trusted construction team for your next pool project!

Transform Your Pool Area With Us Today!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss a pool and surrounding landscape design for your home! As trusted Sydney pool builders, we offer numerous pool landscaping services to turn any backyard into your idea of paradise. From pool designs and construction to pool landscape maintenance, we are the team locals trust across Sydney.

If you want to install a new pool, speak with our team. With years of experience in pool construction and customised pool designs to suit your home, no one is better than The Pool Co. We can assist with everything from council approval to your perfect pool design. With our pool builder in Sydney, we can offer you a range of beautiful swimming pools, fences, landscaping, and heating systems to build your dream pool!

Let us be your premier choice for pool landscaping in Sydney, and turn your pool area into a captivating and inviting sanctuary that enhances your overall outdoor living experience. Call us today!

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