When a new swimming pool is installed on a residential property, having the landscaping redone is essential for a sleek completed look. Having landscaping done will provide your backyard with a cohesive look as though the swimming pool was there all along. If you don’t have the time or the skills to do this yourself, The Pool Co. can help. We offer pool landscaping services in Sydney so that you can have your pool looking its best.

Why Do Pools Need Landscaping?

You may be wondering why you would need landscaping just because you’re ordering a new pool. Pool landscaping offers the chance to make your new pool look as though it’s been there forever with a seamless design.

We focus on designing spaces around your pool that you will use, such as areas to relax in. We can create your perfect patio, a fabulous garden by the pool, and more. It is these thoughtful touches that will help to make your backyard look and feel like home.


We offer numerous pool landscaping services to turn any backyard into your idea of paradise. Below are just a few examples of the services we offer.


Getting prickles stuck in your feet is a highly unpleasant experience. That’s why many people book us in to create walkways from the pool to the house or decking area. These paths are useful for when you’re running from one to the other so that you won’t step on something or get your feet dirty on the grass.

Various types of timber and stone pavers are popular choices. Luckily, we know which ones get slippery when wet and other considerations you may not have thought about. We are here to provide advice on what type of pathway materials might be best to use by your pool.

Garden Beds

Part of making your backyard look fully planned out is, of course, a beautiful garden. Adding garden beds to complement your pool area can be a great way to get a view from the pool.

There are certain plants and flowers which don’t fare well near the chlorinated water of a pool. Luckily, our pool experts are aware of these and are available to advise you on which plants will flourish next to a pool.


Would you enjoy the experience of cooking outside? We can build an outdoor kitchen in your patio area. Or perhaps you would like a pergola to shade you from the harsh rays of the sun – we can build that too.

Our experienced builders can construct any structure you would like in your backyard. Contact The Pool Co. today to find out more about how we can help with all your pool landscaping needs.