A courtyard pool is one designed to fit in a small space, such as a courtyard. Otherwise known as a plunge pool, this style is ideal if you only have a small amount of space to spare but still want a swimming pool.

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Save Space!

If you have a small backyard but would still want a swimming pool to dive into when you need to cool off, a courtyard pool/plunge pools are for you. Simply use your boundary fence as one edge of the pool fence to maximise the rest of your space as much as possible. This way, you may even have room for a table and chairs to the side of your new pool.

A plunge pool is usually around 2 - 3 metres wide and 4 - 6 metres long. We recommend that for easy heating, you keep the depth the same the whole way along the pool.

Set it at a height where you can stand with your head above the water. This will give you a chance to take a break from swimming when you need to. This depth is also safer if you’re going to have kids playing in the pool.

Lower Costs

The great thing about courtyard pools is that a small pool incurs lower costs than other pools. That refers both to building costs and running costs. The chemicals and cleaning that are required for a pool reduce proportionately with the size of the pool. So, these expenses will be lower.

Solar or Gas Heating – What’s Better?

There is another cost saving that you will enjoy – lower heating costs. You have two main options for heating your pool: solar power or gas heating. If you think that you will only use your pool during the summer months, then solar power can be an effective heating option. However, if you plan on using your pool all year, even in winter, then gas heating is more reliable regardless of the weather.

Heating your pool water doesn't need to be expensive, there are plenty of cost-effective solutions available.

Optional Additions

If you don’t have a lot of space, you won’t have space to add lots of fancy design features to your pool such as a gradient or lagoon style. However, you will still want your pool to look enticing. In this case, you can add many stylish features that won’t take up extra space. For example, a water feature, lights, and swim jets.

You can speak with one of our specialists for design ideas for a range of different swimming pools. We will have a pool design for you, even if you have a small yard!

Swim jets provide a current for you to swim against to build up your strength. This is a handy option for when you don’t have enough space to swim laps.

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