If none of our swimming pool designs appeal to you, we suggest getting one custom-designed to suit your home. By having a pool designed just for you by The Pool Co., you will receive a high-quality pool that fits in perfectly with your property’s shape and style.

We will consult with you the entire way through the process to ensure that the design we create is right for you. Whether you’re building a house, renovating a pool, or adding one to your existing property, you want the right pool for your needs. We’re here to make that happen.

The Design Process

The first step in the design process is the consultation where we find out what your requirements and preferences for the pool are. You will meet with one of our pool design experts who can advise you on which pool styles may complement your property and lifestyle.

We will come to your home so that we can also see your section. This helps us to identify any possible limitations or design constraints. Then we will discuss with you which pool could suit you and meet your budget.

Pool Details

When discussing what type of pool is right for you, we’re not only talking about the shape, style, and depth. There are many elements to consider apart from the pool shell.


Once the shell is installed, you may decide to render the interior or have it tiled. Another popular choice is adding a pebble surface to the inside. This process involves blasting a mix of pebbles and concrete onto the inside of the pool. Then the concrete is brushed off to reveal a smooth pebble finish. This is done for aesthetic appeal, but it is also a practical design feature. Pebble surfacing is algae-resistant and stain-resistant. Plus, it is non-porous so that chemicals won’t soak into the surfacing.

Pool Decking

Pool decking refers to the material placed around the sides of a pool that you will step on when you exit the pool. Numerous materials are used for this, and we can offer advice on which ones are the safest options.

For example, stone pavers are a popular choice because they are durable, and many are non-slip. Timber, on the other hand, looks great but can get slippery when splashed with water.

If you’re interested in getting a pool designed to meet your needs, contact The Pool Co. today. We’ll send one of our design experts out to you, ready to listen to all of your ideas and turn them into reality.