If you want to save space on your property, positioning your pool near your boundary line can help with that. Many people use their boundary fence as the pool fence in this instance.

Since 1991, there have been regulations for pool fences set by the Australian Government. So, can you use your boundary fence as a pool fence? It’s possible, but with some conditions, so contact The Pool Co. to find out more.

Open Backyard

Having a fence around the perimeter of your pool sections off a whole chunk of your backyard. However, when you have a pool near your boundary fence, you will only require a pool fence on three sides of the pool. Or two sides if you put your pool in a corner of the yard. This way, your backyard will feel less closed off and it will seem like you have more space.

Style Options

Having a pool at the boundary of your property won’t limit your options on the type of pool you can have. You can even install a round or lagoon-style pool. If you do this, you will just need to ensure that the distance from the point closest to the boundary fence meets the local requirements. So, go ahead and get a lap pool, spa, or any other type of pool you like!


The fencing option that many people with a boundary pool go for is a glass fence. This way, you don’t have an opaque fence blocking off the view of your backyard. By installing glass instead, everyone will be able to admire your new pool.

Note that different councils have different requirements for pool fences. You should check with your local council for specific details. In general, any pool must be at least 1 metre away from the boundary fence. Pool fencing must be at least 1.2 metres high and this includes if you are using the boundary fence. Also, your fence must be made from durable materials such as glass, timber, or steel.

One of the great things about using the boundary fence is that you can save money on your pool fencing. You will only need to build two or three sides of the fence as opposed to all four. Due to this cost-saving, maybe you can afford to spend more on the materials to construct a more durable fence.

If you want some advice on whether you can build a pool along your boundary fence, get in touch with The Pool Co. now. We have plenty of expertise on the requirements for pool fences in your area.