Pool construction is a more in-depth process than many people realise, especially for concrete pools. There are certain requirements for having a pool installed on your section to ensure its safety. In certain cases, bulk concrete, pool footings, or screw piers may be required to maintain the structural integrity of the pool.

Building Time

You might be interested to know how long it will take before you can safely splash around in your new pool.

From the start date of excavation, it usually takes 1 – 2 weeks to reach the stage of having a concrete pool shell in place. It takes time for this to cure before we can start adding tiles and other elements. If you’re having your pool tiled, this is a time-consuming process that can add weeks to the build.

The entire pool construction process can last between 3-6 months, as it can take a while to reach the excavation stage. This is because of permits and the structural requirements that need to be in place first. It all depends on how difficult the job is, and which elements are needed to complete the construction. You will also need to make design decisions quickly so that we can order products such as tiles for the pool.

Building Permit

A building permit is required for pool construction, and this can take up to 4 weeks to be approved. The length of time it takes to attain depends on factors such as the difficulty of the project and the distance from your neighbours. If you have multiple existing buildings on your property, this can complicate things as well.

The Final Step

After we’ve engineered the pool structure, built the pool interior, and added design elements, there is still more to come. The final step is filling up your pool and we won’t be able to do that until all legal requirements are met.

This includes having a pool fence constructed that meets height and safety specifications. Therefore, the pool landscaping will be prioritised before you will even be able to use the pool.

No two jobs are the same, so it’s difficult to predict the amount of time any project will take. We can offer you an estimate dependent on the pool size, project difficulty, and other considerations.

Get in touch with The Pool Co. today to discuss your needs with our experts. We can let you know roughly how long it could take for us to construct your new pool.