Enjoy A Squeaky Clean Swimming Pool

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to clean your pool all year round? Look no further than our range of pool cleaning equipment in Sydney. With our automated pool cleaners, you can say goodbye to manual cleaning and enjoy your pool in no time!

Our innovative cleaners are designed to suit all swimming pools and will make light work of dirt, leaves and debris. Whether you have a small or large pool, above ground or inground, we have a cleaner to suit your needs.

Our cleaners are easy to use and come with everything you need for a hassle-free clean. Simply place the cleaner in your pool and let it do its job – it’s that easy! With our pool cleaning service in Sydney, we can assist you with installing, repairing and maintaining your pool cleaner.

So why wait? Get the perfect pool this summer with our range of cleaners. Let our experienced team help you choose the ideal pool cleaner for your needs. Contact our team today at (02) 5137 7000!

Pool Cleaners: Choose Your Ideal Cleaning System

Suction Cleaners: A cost-effective choice for pool cleaning, suction cleaners effectively tidy up the pool’s walls and floor, regardless of its shape. While it requires consistent pool presence, this budget-friendly option ensures a safe swimming environment.

Robotic Cleaners: A step up in price and functionality, robotic pool cleaners offer convenience and versatility. Set them for a two—or three-hour cleaning cycle, and they’ll efficiently clean the pool’s floor, walls, seats, and steps, using a catchment bag to collect debris.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems: Optimal for new pool construction, an in-floor cleaning system features nozzles strategically placed on the pool’s floor, seats, and steps. Water jets circulate the water while suction ports remove debris. While adding it to an existing pool requires renovation, it’s a valuable investment if you’re building from scratch.

Your Trusted Partners For Quality Pool Cleaners

Keeping swimming pool water clear and sparkling all year can be done with the right pool cleaning tools. Rather than jumping in and constantly cleaning the entire pool yourself, plenty of equipment can do it for you.

Whether you prefer a suction cleaner, a robotic cleaner, or an in-floor cleaning system, we can help. At The Pool Co, our experienced technicians are passionate about everything pool and will only provide you with the best quality products, solutions and advice. Say goodbye to regular pool maintenance with our great range of pool cleaners.

At The Pool Co, we’re more than just Sydney pool builders; we’re passionate about everything pool-related. Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide you with the best quality products, innovative solutions, and expert advice.

Speak To The Team That Knows Your Pool!

If you’re sick of constantly cleaning your pool, choose one of these fantastic options. Our pool and spa technicians can help you choose the best automatic pool cleaners, keeping your pool clean all year round!

When choosing your pool cleaning services, you can also speak to us about pool supplies, pool equipment, and regular maintenance. Our experienced and friendly team strives to handle all pool-related issues and pool problems.

Call us today and book Sydney’s best swimming pool cleaning services. We ensure a personalised service for all your pool care needs, so let’s get your swimming pool sparkling clean. Discover the freedom to sit back, unwind, and revel in your sparkling pool oasis, knowing we have your back with the finest Sydney pool cleaners!

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