Keeping swimming pool water clear and sparkling all year long can be done with the right pool cleaning tools. Rather than jumping in and constantly cleaning the entire pool yourself, there is plenty of equipment that can do it for you.

Whether your preference is a suction cleaner, robotic cleaner, or an in-floor cleaning system, The Pool Co. can supply it to you.

Suction Cleaners

As suction cleaners have been around for a while now, they are a cheaper option than other cleaning systems. This budget-friendly choice can effectively clean the walls and floor of your pool. No matter the pool’s shape, this cleaner will roam around making sure that your pool is safe for swimming. The drawback of a suction cleaner is that it needs to stay in the pool almost constantly to be effective.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners are a step up in price from suction cleaners, but also a step up in functionality. If you don’t want to leave your cleaner in the pool all the time, robotic cleaners are the one for you. Set them to a 2 or 3-hour cleaning cycle, and they are done!

Robotic cleaners have a catchment bag which catches the debris such as sticks and leaves from your pool. They clean the floor, walls, and some models will even clean the seats and steps.

Simply wheel out the cleaner on the trolley it comes with, plug it in, and leave it to run. When the cycle is finished you can put it away until the next time your pool is looking dirty.

In-Floor Cleaning Systems

If you are getting a new pool built, you must request an in-floor cleaning system. This will save you time and money on other cleaners later.

In-floor cleaning is a set of nozzles on the floor, seats, and steps of your pool. They use jets to circulate water around the pool. In the deep end of the pool, suction ports are installed to suck up and drain away leaves and other debris.

This cleaning system also helps with water circulation to ensure consistent heat and chemical dispersion throughout the pool. Plus, the water jets push any debris around so that it eventually reaches the suction ports.

If you already have a pool, it’s not a simple process to add an in-floor cleaning system. It requires a major pool renovation which is extremely costly.

If you’re sick of always cleaning out your pool, choose from one of these fantastic pool cleaning options. Not sure which one is best for your needs? Contact The Pool Co. for advice.