The scorching summer heat calls for some splish and splash. But it’s all fun and games till it’s time to clean and maintain the pool.

Hence, we believe in starting early- especially when it comes to pool accessorising. As we know, summers in Australia are extreme, so the demand for swimming pool builders is at its peak during that time. So, it is best to get all sorts of installations, renovations, and maintenance done during the off-season.

That’s when The Pool Co. enters the picture. Our team consists of Sydney’s best swimming pool builders, repair experts, and maintenance specialists. Adding to that is the wide range of pool accessories we’ve got in store for you. Let’s take a look...

Our Range & Services

We provide various types of pool accessories according to the design of your pool. So, no matter the size, shape and colour- there’s something for everyone. For instance, high-powered spa jets transform a small swimming pool into a personal jacuzzi. On the contrary, what’s a large pool without some attractive waterfalls and slides? Among our accessories are:

  • Water slides
  • Pool and spa steps
  • Diving Boards
  • Swim Jets

If you are a party animal, you’ll love our pool lights, speakers, and floating accessories. Besides the fun quotient, having pool lights works as an effective safety measure if you have children in the house. Also, we think your swimming pool should stay functional and valuable all year round. Hence, our advanced pool heaters ensure that the water temperature is just right, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Lastly, we know you’d rather be swimming than cleaning the pool every day. Hence, we’ve got an impressive selection of robotic pool cleaners and suction-side cleaners to make your life a bit easier!

Why Choose Us

We are a Sydney-based pool building company and offer 5-star rated services to hundreds and thousands of locals. If you’re wondering what makes us better than the rest, please hear us out.

First off, we take immense pride in our skilled and experienced team of builders and designers. We have hand-picked each of them after a rigorous selection procedure. Rest assured that all of our team members are licensed, so they know what’s best for you. We will always suggest the most effective and long-lasting solutions while keeping everything budget.

Next up are our clients. At The Pool Co., we endeavour to form a bond of trust with you. By making you a part of every step in the process, we aim to provide the best service that caters to your unique needs. You are always in control- right from our plan of action to our pricing policies- and we ensure utmost honesty and transparency.

Contact Us

Reaching out to us is as easy as taking a dip in the pool. Head over to the top-right corner of our website and click on our contact number. You will be directed to one of our friendly customer representatives. Book an appointment or clarify your doubts- we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

Alternatively, you can drop your details on our “Contact Us” page. Since we are always on board to serve you, our team will call you back shortly. After all, we hate making you wait!

Besides offering pool accessories, our company specialises in many services, including pool construction, renovation, lighting, decking, cleaning, and much more. So, what’s stopping you from getting your dream swimming pool? Call us today and take advantage of our premium-quality services at the best rates in Sydney.

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