Glass edge pools are a contemporary swimming pool style that is an excellent alternative to an infinity swimming pool. As the name suggests, it is a swimming pool with one or more glass edges.

Glass Edge Benefits


People love glass edge pools because they can provide a similar look to infinity pools with less work and at a lower cost. Glass edge pools provide unimpeded access to the view from your property. As the glass is see-through, nothing is getting in the way of your view. The water blends in beautifully with the sea or sky in the distance.


Many people love to use glass edge swimming pools in place of an infinity edge pool because the construction is far cheaper. A glass edge pool doesn’t need a separate basin to catch overflowing water, as the water stays inside the pool. Plus, because the water doesn’t flow over the pool edge, you don’t get the same evaporation challenges as you do with a negative-edge pool.


Glass edges are often used on above-ground pools to give them a stylish flair. However, they can also be installed in a similar location to an infinity pool, overlooking the edge of a hill, or on the edge of your property.

Acrylic vs Glass

Not all glass edge pools are made of glass. Acrylic is a popular alternative because it can be installed in one large sheet without joining. On the other hand, the glass comes in smaller sheets, and you will have some noticeable joins between the panels.

Acrylic is the more expensive option, while smaller glass panels will cost you less. So, the deciding factor will be whether affordability or looks are more important.

Glass Edge Pool Design

The pool’s design is far less complicated than a negative edge pool. However, there are a few considerations that you will have to take into account. One is that if your pool is curved, you’re unlikely to find curved glass to fit around this unless you want to pay a lot of money. So, the glass edge works much more efficiently with a rectangular, square, or l-shaped pool.

The structural engineering of the pool must be considered so that the glass will provide a safe boundary for the pool water. That’s why we suggest you contact us here at The Pool Co. to discuss your ideas for a glass edge pool. Our years of experience ensure that we know how to design a durable, long-lasting glass edge pool for your property.

The Pool Co provides expert swimming pool design and construction services across the Northern Beaches, building each client their perfect concrete pool, whether standard shape or custom glass edge. Our pool builders handle the entire process from concept to completion, assisting with council approvals, 3D design visualizations, and incorporating water features for dramatic visual effects.

With decades of experience, we advise on the right pool design for your property, lifestyle and budget, then manage the concrete construction and glass edge installation to bring your dream pool design into reality. The Pool Co delivers quality pool builds with professional project management, keeping all our clients informed and satisfied from free quotes to handover. As Northern Beaches’ premier pool builders, contact us today to start planning your own customized pool paradise.

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