Above-ground pools may not come to your mind when you consider installing a new pool. However, they can provide the perfect solution - particularly for those on sloped properties with many different heights.

One difference from inground pools is that you will have to decide how you want the exposed edges to look. You could choose to add tiles or cladding for a stylish finish.

The Solution for Sloped Properties

Do you have a sloped property? It can be tough to picture how you could engineer a pool that would fit in with this, as you can’t have a sloped pool.

Above ground, pools are the perfect solution. They are also called an out-of-the-ground swimming pool because above-ground suggests they lie above your property line on all sides. We prefer to match the pool height to your deck or backyard, and the other edges may be above ground because of the slope on your property.

Above-ground swimming pools can be installed in any size you like. This could range from a courtyard swimming pool to a lap pool.


If you plan on getting a concrete above-ground pool, these need much support. It must be supported by at least 300-500mm of natural solid ground to be installed safely. The engineer’s swimming pool design and soil report will ensure you know your pool is built on safe ground.

Extra foundational support may also be needed depending on how high your pool will rise above the ground. We can advise you on these requirements once we have inspected the Sydney area where you would like the pool to be built. Generally, the pool might need more support if any side is more than 1.5 metres above the ground.


Due to the different engineering requirements, above-ground pools are more costly than traditional styles. They require a lot of extra work to ensure they are structurally sound. However, you won’t have many other pool options if you have a sloped section.

It’s not worth compromising on structural integrity to save money. Let us design your above-ground pool to the highest technical requirements. This way, you can be certain that you have a durable and structurally sound pool that will last many years.

Contact The Pool Co. today to discuss integrating an above-ground pool into your landscape design.

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