Plunge pools are a popular option for those on smaller blocks of land who would still love a place to cool off. They are smaller than a regular sized swimming pool but still provide plenty of space to kick back.

Choose between a quality concrete plunge pool construction or in our fibreglass range. Concrete swimming pools give you a better variety of finishes, and designed for the property.

Our team of professional Sydney pool builders will sit with you to design the your perfect new pool.

The perfect pool design is easier than you might think. Our pool builders make the process easy, and seamless.

What is a Plunge Pool?

A plunge pool is a shallower pool that allows you to stand up in it with your head above the water. This makes it a great option if you have children because it is shallower and thus safer for them.

The normal size of a plunge pool’s perimeter is around 2-4 metres long by 1-3 metres wide. This is ideal if you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard or want to keep your large deck or grassy area intact.


One of the great things about the small size format of plunge pools is that this makes them low maintenance. You can clean them much quicker when it comes time to scoop out the leaves and debris.

As there is less water in these petite pools, they require less chemicals as well. So overall, the maintenance cost is lower.


Plunge pools are less expensive than other styles. This leaves you more money to spend on quality materials. Perhaps you would like a glass-tiled pool to give it a stylish look and feel.

Decking around your swimming pool always looks nice, saved money can be invested into your yard.

Optional Extras

Pool Covers

We recommend getting a pool cover for your pool. This helps the pool maintain its heat and cut down on heating costs. It will also prevent leaves and pollen from getting blown into the pool. This will result in less cleaning and pool maintenance for you.

Swimming Jets

Swimming jets provide a current in the pool that offers resistance for your swimming training. In a plunge pool, you can only do short laps so this resistance can help to build your swimming skills further. Afterall, it is a swimming pool...

In Pool Lighting

By adding lights to your pool it allows you to swim both in the night, and in the day with ease. Lights can configured to change colour, rotate and brightness adjusted.

Need advice on how you can fit a swimming pool? Get in touch with an expert pool builder at The Pool Co. today and we can design the perfect plunge pool to suit your property.