For people who love swimming, there’s no better way to get in shape or to boost their health than working out in the pool at home.

As for professional swimmers, it’s the golden rule to get better at the sport. Thus, if you fall into either category, you’ve surely heard about swim jet systems and might even be considering the prospect of bringing one home.

Swimming against water jets

But are you fully aware of how useful swim jets can be? After all, there are swimming or health clubs which can provide you with similar resources. So, why should you choose swim jets?

Well, we’ll clear everything for you in this guide. So, read on to know more.

Things To Know Beforehand

To understand whether investing in a swim jet is indeed worth it, you must look at several facets of this system and decide accordingly. So, that’s what we’ll discuss briefly before moving on to the debate over the utility of swim jets.

What Is A Swim Jet System?

Often referred to as “endless pools,”a swim jet system is an accessory for your pool to push a constant current of water across its expanse. What drives this system is a pump that operates by pushing water in huge volumes in the form of three powerful jets. Two of these jets are positioned at shoulder level, while the remaining one is angled at par with the chest.

Man swimming in pool

Ultimately, such a combination creates considerable resistance for any swimmer to swim against the current. That’s why it will prove to be useful for therapeutic exercise and water aerobics. Notably, you can even adjust the pressure or speed of water outflow to fit the needs of swimmers of all levels.

What Is An Ideal Swim Jet System?

First of all, most swimming enthusiasts want the jets to point in a particular direction, that is, counterclockwise or clockwise. This makes the current easier to swim through. However, as per the convention, the jets should be pointed up to give rise to vigorous ripples, which will make the environment more challenging to swim in.

Apart from this, the power of the water streaming from the jets is a key factor when it comes to setting up an ideal swim jet system. It determines the intensity of the swim workout you can engage in.

Notably, a water flow of below 600 GPM won’t yield substantial resistance. But lowering the intensity and turning it up alternately can be useful if you want to shed some kilos by burning calories. And this can be possible using a swim jet system that’s driven by a high-power pump.

Another factor to take care of is the noise level. A system producing extremely loud noise that keeps ringing in the ears is a nuisance in any space. That’s why people looking to buy a swim jet must always search for systems with a low noise output.

In addition to this, swim jets must be bubble-free since adding bubbles to the stream of water implies they are pushing through the air and not the pool water. It will lead to a fall in energy consumption, making it difficult to create an inefficient workout.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Swim Jets

Now that we’ve dealt with the basics of swim jets and how they operate, we’ll take you through the advantages and disadvantages of this system. Then, we’ll weigh the two sides to decide whether swim jets are really worth your money.

Swimming with water jets



With a little brainstorming, you’ll surely understand that investing in swim jets will save you considerable time and money.

Improve Swimming Techniques

People who have a profound love for swimming and want to get better at it can use it to refine their swimming techniques. That’s because the water-resistance will highlight the inefficiency of each stroke, allowing you to adjust in real-time using the pool mirrors.

Multipurpose Pool

Apart from swimming, a swim jet system can be used for:

  • Low impact therapy like water aerobics or aqua jogging
  • Increasing body temperature and relaxing in the pool just as in spas or hot tubs
  • Cross-training


Neglects The Details

You won’t be able to train in handling the intricacies of swimming techniques such as flip turns, starts, and push-offs from the wall.

Space Requirements

Though swim jets or endless pools are smaller than lap pools, they still need a fair amount of space. So, you must be able to provide that space to enjoy its benefits to the fullest.

Weighing The Two Sides

If you’re searching for a simplified way to swim competitively, to exercise, or to undergo water therapy, going for a swim jet system will be most economical for you. It would allow you to reap maximum benefits out of the workout at a moderate price. But again, you’ll need the space to accommodate the pool.

As for professionals who need a more competitive set up to perfect their techniques, an advanced professional-grade swim jet system will be ideal. It’s much different from the majority of systems available out there as it comes with lots of extra features and much more horsepower to intensify the workout. Naturally, the cost will be much higher in that case, as we’ve mentioned earlier.

Should You Buy A Swim Jet?

So, what do you think about getting a swim jet system installed at home? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below. And if you decide in the affirmative, we’re sure you'll find the experience quite energising and productive.

If you’re doubtful regarding any other aspect of swim jet systems, feel free to type out your queries. On that note, we’ll sign off for today. Till then, take care!

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