Are you considering having a pool built on your property? Pools are a necessity for many families to cope with the heat on those hot sticky days where the air-con just isn’t enough.

Choosing a pool from The Pool Co is the easy part, as all of our pools have stunning designs perfect for a family home. Every pool shell is crafted in Sydney to high levels of quality assurance.

What’s harder is choosing the perfect glass fence for around your pool.

People loving adding a glass fence to their pool because of the flawless look and feel. Other fences section off your pool so that guests won’t even be able to see it and these fences also block the view of the lovely landscaping of your yard.

Rather than having a large blocky fence around your pool, a glass pool fence is the sleek and modern alternative.

Because you can see through a glass fence, you will be able to spend every day admiring your fabulous new concrete or fibreglass pool. And, because nothing is blocking your view, you will still have a fabulous view of the backyard from your house.

What Is the Purpose of a Pool Fence?

Pool fences are required in Australia for safety reasons. They prevent people and animals from walking and accidentally falling into your beautiful pool.

That way, you can let your children play outside without the anxiety of worrying about whether they can get into the pool away from your supervision.

The gates on pool fences are required to be self-closing. So, you don’t even have to worry about whether someone leaves the gate open as if they do, it will just close on its own.

Pool fences in most states need to be at least 1.2 metres high so that children and animals won’t be able to climb or jump over it to get into the pool area.

Gain peace of mind and keep your kids, guests, and animals safe by having a pool fence that meets regulations.

What Type of Glass is Used in A Glass Pool Fence?

Pool fences don’t just contain any type of glass. They are constructed from tempered glass, commonly known as safety glass. This kind of glass is what is also in your windscreen, shower door, and sliding doors.

Think about what happens when you drop a water glass on the floor - it smashes into shards. This is highly dangerous as these sharp pieces can cut you and cause some serious damage.

The idea behind safety glass is that it is far stronger, so it won’t break as easily. However, if it does happen to break, it doesn’t shatter in the same way as regular glass.

If it breaks, it crumbles but will usually remain in place.

Safety glass is created by heating the glass, adding pressure, and compressing the surface. Then the glass is quickly cooled off, which intentionally creates tiny fractures in the glass, and these make it safer for you!

Because it is already ‘broken’, this is why toughened glass doesn’t smash into shards when it faces impact.

The panels for pool fence glass can come in an array of thicknesses from 6 - 18 mm.

Bigger panels need to be thicker to ensure their safety. When you are obtaining quotes for having your pool fence installed, take note of how thick the panels are.

The reason a quote may be cheaper is that they are using thinner panels because the thicker ones cost more. Gates can be made of thinner glass, but it’s recommended that the main fence sections are at least 12 mm thick.

Types of Glass Pool Fences

Frameless Pool Fence

Frameless pool fences are often chosen by homeowners for their elegance and subtlety. They provide a modern effect that you will hardly even notice is there. This is due to their lack of framing.

As you may have guessed from the name, these fences are constructed from glass panels without a frame. This creates a highly inconspicuous look while still offering fantastic pool safety.

They stay in place thanks to the use of spigots holding them up from the bottom. The spigots are made of highly durable aluminium so that they are extremely strong and can withstand most climates.

These are a perfect solution if you want to keep your carefully landscaped backyard in full view without being blocked by the pool fence.

Keep in mind that while the main benefit is the seamless look, this can also be a drawback. You might find that people don’t even notice the fence and could walk into it. Young children, especially, may struggle with noticing the transparent glass.

If you do install a frameless glass pool fence and have this issue, you can always add some stylish stickers to it so that people can see where the fence is.

Semi-Frameless Pool Fence

If you’re looking for a sleek and fashionable glass fence to place around your pool, semi-frameless could be the way to go.

The partial frame offers more support to the glass so these super-strong fences can last in any weather and withstand impact. They are also easy to install so you can have one up in no time.

This is a wonderful compromise that meets right in the middle of a frameless pool fence and a framed one. They are more unobtrusive than a framed fence but far easier to notice than a frameless one to avoid people bumping into them.

Framed Glass Pool Fence

Framed fences contain glass fully surrounded by a frame. These are a sturdy option that favours safety and strength over the seamless appearance of frameless fences. They can still have a great look and feel to them - it all depends on what type of design you want to go for.

Glass Balustrades

Do you have an outdoor staircase leading down to your pool?

Glass balustrades could be the ideal solution when you’re not sure what type of fence to add for safety. They are constructed from A-grade safety glass for optimal security for you and your family.

Take some time choosing your favourite pool from The Pool Co. Once you’ve done this, you won’t want to hide it from view, so no doubt you’ll be looking at a glass pool fence to show off your new pool. The first step is to choose your new pool so call us now to discuss your options.

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