Spending time in a swimming pool can be the best way to ward off the summer heat, so having a pool at home is highly convenient. However, with increasing electricity and water prices, you may consider transforming your regular pool into a sustainable one.

A sustainable pool offers several benefits, like lower energy bills, reduced environmental impact, and lower maintenance requirements. And the right plumber can help you select the most appropriate sustainable technologies for your pool. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Why Choose Sustainable Pool Solutions?

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While few things come close to swimming pools for beating the summer heat, traditional pools harm the environment. Besides requiring a huge amount of energy and water, they need chemicals like chlorine to maintain proper water quality, which can harm the environment.

Sustainable pool solutions can go a long way in preventing such an impact while helping your pool last longer and ensuring better health. Additionally, they can help reduce your power and water bills, resulting in bigger savings.

Furthermore, since sustainable solutions do not involve the use of harsh chemicals that can damage the surface of the swimming pool, maintenance costs are reduced. Professional plumbers can help you select the most suitable sustainable technologies, such as smart pools and a pool self-cleaning system.

Water Conservation

One of the most important components of sustainable pool usage is water conservation. As mentioned before, regular swimming pools require a lot of water, and you should consider various ways by which water consumption can be reduced. One highly effective method is to use a pool cover to help reduce the amount of water evaporating.

A pool cover also offers additional advantages, such as preventing debris from falling into the pool and helping keep the water clean. You can even use a solar pool cover that helps maintain water levels by preventing evaporation but allows sunlight to warm the water.

Plumbers can help you find additional solutions for ensuring water efficiency, such as an automatic pool cleaner or thermal pool cover.

Energy Efficiency

Modern technologies can make a pool eco-friendly and more energy efficient. For instance, you can use a solar pool heater to warm the water, reducing dependence on standard pool heaters and lowering energy consumption.

Other energy-efficient options that can help reduce utility bills, like installing a variable-speed and energy-saving pool pump, can be obtained from reputable pool builders.

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Eco-Friendly Products

Proper pool maintenance is extremely important to ensure it lasts long and provides a great experience. Unfortunately, many pool cleaning products commonly used contain chemicals that can damage pool surfaces. These chemicals can also harm nearby plants and animals if they run off into the surrounding soil.

An environment-friendly alternative for such chemical products is to invest in a self-cleaning system for the pool. Different types of such systems are available, most of which use water circulation to keep the pool clean and prevent bacteria and algae growth.

You can get suitable eco-friendly products, like ultraviolet cleaners, variable-speed pool pumps, solar lights, etc., from most licensed plumbers.

Pool Design Features

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Another thing that pool owners should pay attention to is the design of the pool and the surrounding landscape, as these can also affect sustainability. For instance, if your pool has a lot of open space without any trees or artificial cover, it may constantly be exposed to wind.

Wind can speed up the water evaporation process in the pool, leading to higher water usage. Additionally, it can cool down the water quickly, leading to greater reliance on water heaters. An effective way to block winds is to install a windbreak near the pool that can act as a barrier.

You can even take the help of a plumber to select a sustainable pool design. Go for eco-friendly landscaping options, which can involve planting trees and plants native to the area. Such plants also help reduce the required maintenance and act as a natural barrier.

Another noteworthy sustainable pool design feature is a negative edge pool with one edge at a lower level to provide the water with a natural current. You can seek the help of a plumber who can design the pool in such a manner efficiently.

Choosing A Sustainable Pool

Many technologies and techniques are available nowadays to help you make your swimming pool sustainable. Most of these require using natural methods, such as the landscape and vegetation, while others require alternative technologies, like natural swimming pools and solar pool heaters.

A plumber can help you learn how to turn a regular pool into an eco-friendly one. They can even help select the most appropriate solutions for reducing energy bills and minimising the carbon footprint. Thus, you can have a great time in the water while ensuring little impact on the planet.


1. How can I reduce water consumption in my pool?

You can install a water-saving filter in your pool and maintain the water at a lower level to prevent it from splashing out. Additionally, consider using a pool cover to reduce water evaporation due to sunlight and make sure to repair any leaks in the pool.

2. What are some eco-friendly pool cleaning products?

Some of the best eco-friendly pool cleaning products include mineral sanitisers, mineral cartridges for the filter, ultraviolet pool cleaners, etc. In addition, many household items, such as lemon juice, white vinegar, borax, and olive oil, can be used for cleaning your pool without any environmental impact.

3. How can I make my pool more energy-efficient?

There are several ways to make your pool energy-efficient. Most of these require using products like pool covers and solar water heaters that can help keep the water warm without requiring much energy. You can also use energy-efficient lights for pool lighting and variable-speed pumps instead of single-speed pumps.

4. Is it possible to use renewable energy to power my pool?

Installing a solar pool heater is an excellent method for using renewable energy for your swimming pool. Such heaters are powered by sunlight instead of conventional energy sources like coal or natural gas. Solar pool covers are also great for reducing evaporation while keeping the water warm.

5. Are there any pool design features that can improve sustainability?

The best sustainable pool designs take inspiration from natural pools found in the environment. They are similar to a lake or pond and are designed to require a very low level of maintenance. Additionally, they are constructed using natural materials like clay or gravel and may even have aquatic plants that can keep the pool clean.

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