A swimming pool is a luxury, but cleaning it is pretty tedious!

Hectic as it may be, scrubbing the pool, balancing the chemicals, and doing other maintenance tasks are essential to keep the pool clean enough for a swim.

That doesn’t mean you must spend every waking hour cleaning your pool or burning a hole in your pocket for the task. Getting a robotic pool cleaner saves more than half the time. It makes pool maintenance less of a chore and more enjoyable.

Ultimate Guide Robotic Pool Cleaners

With today’s technology, you must consider many factors before investing in one of these machines.

So, if you’re considering getting a robotic pool cleaner, we’re here to help you. Read on to know more!

What Are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

So, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of robotic pool cleaners is a futuristic device. In reality, they are self-contained automatic pool cleaners that don’t use a pool’s filters to do the job.

They do not work in alignment with the pool’s inbuilt circulation. Instead, they use electric motors to give power to the wheels and onboarding pumps that vacuum the water with the help of cartridges. Also, these pool cleaners come with scrubbing brushes that remove waste and other dirt, which could stick to the pool’s floors and walls. Robotic cleaners are often more expensive than traditional suction cleaners but offer a better clean.

Many robotic pool cleaners give complete coverage, unlike other suction pool cleaners. This means they clean the pool floor, walls and even waterlines. That said, there are a few devices that work differently. They tend to vacuum only the floors and do not cover the pool’s surface too much.

There are robotic pool cleaners that work entirely differently. They come equipped with scanning software that estimates the size and depth of the pool. Based on these calculations, they calculate the optimal pattern to clean the pool and work accordingly. While these devices are advanced, other kinds reduce manual effort while cleaning.

So, it’s evident that these devices are probably some of the most advanced pool cleaners. This also means they are worth every dollar you spend on them. In line with this, thanks to the advancement of technology, many people have bid farewell to traditional pool cleaning methods and have considered embracing robotic pool cleaners.

Why You Need Robotic Pool Cleaners

There are many advantages that these high-end machines offer. For instance, many have modern technological features such as sensors that spot grime and dirt quickly. They also have ‘smart’ technology that performs several programmable functions.

Further, most of these devices are relatively easy to operate. You don’t need to spend much time looking at the manual to figure out how to use them. Once they are assembled and ready to go, you might need to drop them into the pool, and they will take care of the task for you. No wonder they are hailed as time-saving!

Depending on your pool’s requirements, you can decide whether you need an inground or an above-ground pool cleaner. Both these types of devices will make things easier for you. Instead of working a lot beside the pool and losing precious time, a simple button push is all it takes. The pool cleaner will do its task while carrying on with other work.

Another vital point is that you must thoroughly understand its control system after buying the robotic pool cleaner you choose. The control system helps you take control of the entire operation and make changes depending on your requirements.

Research these devices thoroughly before you rush to order a brand-new robotic pool cleaner. They are not easy on the pocket but are also one of the best options for busy people who rarely have time to maintain their pool.

Consider the robotic pool cleaner’s features, maneuvered ability, and filter quality. Once you have a comprehensive understanding, you will buy the product that works best for you.

Setting Up Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

Once you have picked the ideal robotic pool cleaner, you must understand the steps to set it up. So let’s get into it.

Pool Cleaner Version

1. Assemble It

The first step is to assemble the cleaner as per the instructions provided in the manual. The filter basket and other components need to be inserted into the machine.

2. Connect The Power Cable

After assembling the device, connect the cable from the power outlet. Make sure you let only enough cable that’s required to avoid it getting tangled. This is not an issue for many new robotic pool cleaners since they have swivels that keep the cable in check.

3. Start It

Plug the power unit into the outlet. After that, allow the pool cleaner to be submerged in the pool — let it sink completely. Go to the control panel and set the cleaning option to your requirements. Remember to implement the cleaning time and the program with some models. Once that is done, press the START button.

4. Link Your Phone

There is a chance that the model you purchased has Bluetooth connectivity. If that is the case, link it to your smartphone and configure the required settings from an app. Depending on your chosen setting, the robotic pool cleaner will begin doing its job. It’s always a good idea to be around during the initial cleaning to get the hang of things.

5. Final Steps

The pool might have debris in it. If the cleaner cannot handle it, ensure it is manually cleared. Once the cleaning is done, pull the device upwards with the help of the cable. When it is within your grasp, grab it and lift it out. The pool water drains as the cleaner is lifted from the pool. Make sure to empty the debris and wash the bag for future use.

6. Storing It

You should always store the power unit and the robotic pool cleaner in a perfect, dry space; they must be kept from direct sunlight. However, a few models can be left in the pool when unused.

Maintaining A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maintaining these devices doesn’t require you to take many extreme measures. As is the case with most devices of this type, they must be emptied, and you should clear the filter bags every time they are used. After every cleaning, check the wheels or brushes for any debris that could be trapped. Removing it helps you maintain the machine for a longer time.

When specific components get worn out with regular use, they must be replaced. These are inexpensive, and you may not need to replace them frequently. Always check out the manual to understand more about these components.

When storing the cleaner during winter, ensure that the filter bag is cleaned well before storing everything inside. Tuck away the cable and the power unit, ensuring it is away from direct sunlight.

The mobility method of robotic pool cleaners differs for each model. Most cleaners make use of motors to give movement to the wheels. Still, others make use of jet propulsion systems. This means they have water jets that make the machine move forward.

There are pool cleaners that use both types of systems. These are types where the motor pushes the wheel while the water provides powerful downward thrusts. This method helps increase the pool cleaner’s grip, especially when moving it vertically on the wall. Whichever form you use, make sure to follow the maintenance instructions in the manual.

So, many people wonder how a robotic pool cleaner knows which areas to clean. In reality, the explanation is quite simple. The less expensive models have set patterns that they follow before shutting down. You might need to move them around through the settings on the device.

The more expensive models have intelligent mappings and sensors to detect dirt. They also have inbuilt navigation systems that help them identify problem areas. Most robotic cleaners use brushes that scour out dirt on the pool surface and vacuum systems to complete the job thoroughly.

Pros And Cons Of Using A Robotic Pool Cleaner

Using a robotic pool cleaner has its advantages and disadvantages. We’ve listed them so you can decide when you’re ready to buy one.

Pros Of Robotic Cleaners

1. Easy Installation

One of the most significant advantages of using robotic pool cleaners is that they do not require additional installation time. All you need to do is understand its functioning, plug it and allow it to work for you.

It is surprising because, being a technologically advanced device, you would expect it to require some installation time, but almost all models work on the plug-and-use format.

2. Energy Saving

Given that we live in a world where conserving energy is the need of the hour, a device like robotic pool cleaners is expected to use up a lot of energy. They consume far less energy than most other pool cleaners, which is a welcome surprise.

3. Cleans Well

A lot of people expect robotic pool cleaners to do a haphazard job. But robotic pool cleaners do the job quite efficiently. A lot of users believe that they work as efficiently as manual labour. According to people who have used them, most do a perfect job vacuuming and scrubbing the pool.

4. Leaves Your Pool Healthy

Another concern is whether these cleaners can be burdensome for the pool’s filters. Still, others worry about the water’s quality. On both counts, we can assure you that robotic pool cleaners are not a cause for worry.

They are not a burden for your pool’s filters and pool pump. These devices also help in mixing the pool water. This makes the pool healthier, reducing the time needed to pump them. However, you should continue to clean and maintain your pool filter.

5. Efficient And Easy To Maintain

Robotic pool cleaners are excellent for collecting both large and smaller debris. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintaining them because they do not require too much time or effort.

Cons Of Robotic Cleaners

1. Replacement Parts

One of the few disadvantages of using robotic pool cleaners is that replacement parts can be hard to come by. The parts may not be too easy on your pocket in some cases. You’ll need to search quite a lot for the parts in others. So, when buying one, ensure the model has an extended and non-prorated warranty.

Dive Into Clean With Robotic Cleaners!

A robotic pool cleaner may seem like a high-end technological device that one may never get the hang of, but it can be pretty easy to manage. Plus, they are far more energy-efficient than most pool cleaners. So, they are an excellent choice for many pool owners, from small to larger pools.

Pool Cleaner Water

Since there isn’t much installation hassle, they are easier to understand. Plugging it in and watching the device work is all it takes.

Consider several factors when considering the robotic pool cleaner you want to buy. One of them is the innovative features of the device; other factors include filter size and pool maintenance.

So, consider all these factors before buying a robotic pool cleaner if you are a pool owner.

Do you need assistance choosing a robotic cleaner for your pool? From your pool’s filtration system to renovations, our expert Sydney pool builders can help you. Contact us today for more information!

Take care and see you soon!

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