Many of us have contemplated the idea of investing in backyard swimming pools for our homes.

One of those features adds a luxurious element to the house. Not only does it look good, but it always helps to have a pool on a hot summer’s day. However, most of the time, people refrain as it is too tiresome to maintain your swimming pool, mainly when it is not used.

But manual pool cleaning is everyone’s dreaded nightmare. And not everyone can spend time ensuring that the pool is always clean and ready for use. This is where smart self-cleaning pools come into the picture. This has been a great system to ensure the water stays clean.

And, while it eliminates a lot of the work, is it worth the investment? We have gathered a bunch of information to help you determine if pools like these are all they claim to be.

So, let’s dive right into the advantages of these vantage self cleaning pool systems!

What Is A Self-Cleaning Pool?

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of whether you should look into it, we must discuss this system and how it works.

The idea is simple — to have the water constantly move so there is no dirt collection. That is how water in the mountains and hinterland remains clean. Water that is not stagnant will have lower bacteria levels, staying clean. For this to happen, a cleaning system is installed in the pool.

As suggested by its name, these in-floor systems are fitted into the floor of the swimming pool. They are essential jets that keep the water moving like a hot tub. However, it filters out the water instead of making the water bubble.

The jets push the pool water towards the drain, filtering and recirculating it back into the pool, similar to traditional pool circulation systems but with a modern twist. During this process, dirt and debris in the water is caught in the canister, thoroughly cleaning the water. The exciting thing is that it cleans by circulating water from the bottom to the top, ensuring every nook and cranny is clean.

Additionally, if your pool tends to catch leaves, these systems can take care of that. The leaves are caught in a separate filter before the water goes through the debris filtration system. But it’s vital to remember these systems are designed to function effectively with in-ground pools, particularly fibreglass pools.

Benefits Of A Self-Cleaning Pool

Judging by the amount that it can do, it’s evident that there are many benefits to getting something like this fitted. Let’s have a look at some of the ways it can make your life a little easier.

Pool Cleaner Cleaning Pool

1. Resale Value

One of the most common and spoken-about benefits of having self-cleaning pools is how it increases the house’s value. A regular pool makes any home more appealing to potential buyers, so naturally, these self-cleaning ones would do even better on the market.

The greatest appeal of such systems is that they do away with all the manual cleaning associated with maintaining a pool. It is easy to show potential buyers they can truly enjoy the pool.

2. Clean The Pool Floor & Water

Essentially, the prime advantage of installing an in-floor system is its ability to keep your pool clean, both the water and the pool floor. We have already mentioned that water circulation ensures no collection of algae and bacteria on the surface.

In addition, it keeps the floor clean since the cleaning process involves moving water from the bottom towards the surface.

3. Balanced Chemical Content

One of the best things about having this cleaning system is that it will not mess with the water’s chemical balance. There is nothing new being added, just water being filtered and circulated. This stable circulation ensures consistent chemical usage in the pool. Additionally, this system can save you more than $500 on chemicals.

4. Less Need For Maintenance

The maintenance goes way down once the pool can clean itself. No need to hire professional services or walk around in the sun to clean it yourself.

5. Temperature Control

Given that the water is continuously circulated for cleaning, this mixing of water layers is less energy-intensive than what conventionally heated pools consume. Irrespective of the weather, the circulation and mixing ensure that the water temperature stays consistent and even. Thus, it reduces the chance of you finding that occasional hot or cold spot in the pool.

It Can’t Be All Good, Right?

All good things have a hint of bad and self-cleaning pools are no exception. As good as they may sound, they come with their issues.

Person Walking Pool Steps

1. Energy

The first thing to remember is that these systems consume more energy compared to traditional pools. So, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning system, this is not it. Plus, it will increase expenses.

2. Price

Speaking of expenses, it’s not just the energy consumption that will increase costs; installation can cost much more than a regular pool. People have paid more than a thousand dollars for this. Hence, it is considered a massive investment, and while it does make life easier, it is a luxury.

3. Appearance And Safety

One challenge faced by pool owners is that these jets may protrude from the pool floor, thereby impacting the aesthetics of a traditional pool design. This might hamper it if you like to maintain a specific finish and look. There have also been instances where people stub their toes against the jet.

Is It Worth The Money?

Judging by the pros and cons, it seems highly beneficial whilst being an expensive investment at the same time. It can filter the water, clean the floor, and remove dirt that the naked eye might not even be visible.

Additionally, these systems are a more effective way to manage heated pools during winter. The water on the top, warmed by the winter sun, is constantly mixed.

If you consider hiring professionals as an alternative, it may not be cost-effective in the long run. These services tend to charge quite a bit and keep changing their prices. At least this way, it is a one-time investment with smaller payments here and there.

Is A Self-Cleaning Pool Right For You

Deciding to invest in self-cleaning pools can be challenging. We put together this short guide to make your decision easier. One tip, it is best to run your pool pump and self cleaning system together.

If you decide not to invest in one, it does not mean you need to clean the pool. There are many alternatives, such as getting a robotic pool cleaner or hiring a pool maintenance company. What matters is finding the ideal way to get the pool cleaned.

If you need further assistance with your pool project or want to talk to a professional pool builder in Sydney, please call us today (02) 5137 7000!

On that note, we shall take your leave and return with many more guides and tips.

See you next time!

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