Investing in a personal hot tub is a huge decision, so you should consider all aspects of its maintenance from the beginning.

While, in essence, a hot tub or spa doesn’t require many accessories, picking a cover may benefit you in the longer run. Even though many people use tarps to cover their backyard tubs, thinking it’s sufficient, the reality is quite different.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to tell you why having a well-fitted cover is necessary for maintaining the quality of your hot tub. And, believe it or not, a high-quality hot tub cover can help you save money over the years, among other things.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Benefits Of Hot Tub Cover

Cover Square Spa Deck

1. Ensure Safety

If you have kids or pets at home, then it’s a must to invest in a hot tub cover or cover lifters for safety. Even if the kids play outside under your supervision, an open body of water can prove to be a drowning hazard. Most hot tub covers are convenient, so you can lift them without much hassle and replace them after you’re done.

We know some people use tarps over their tubs to keep children and pets away from the water. But, it isn’t as efficient since a tarp just loosely sits over the tub, and your children or pets can still slip and fall into the water. On the other hand, a suitable hot tub cover should fit well on top of the tub, creating a solid barrier to prevent accidents.

2. Maintaining Energy Efficiency

Want to maintain optimal temperature levels in your hot tub without racking up a huge electricity bill? Then invest in a new hot tub cover with superior insulation so that the tub remains hot far longer, reducing the need to use a lot of energy.

An uncovered or partially covered tub wastes a lot of energy to maintain its temperature when it’s not in use. Additionally, purchasing a cover can reduce the time it takes for your hot tub to heat up, especially in the colder months.

When a hot tub uses less energy, it’s likely to last longer as there’s less pressure on the system.

Hot Tub Cover

3. Keeping The Water Clean

One of the reasons it’s highly recommended to use a spa cover is it keeps the water and the hot tub clean, letting you use it multiple times. As the cover seals the top of your hot tub, dirt, debris, and dry leaves aren’t going to fall into the water. Besides, using a cover prevents water from evaporating, and you won’t have to fill the tub before every use.

While tarps may seem like a good option, they can easily be blown away if you forget to weigh them down. Most tarps also fail to completely cover a tub or jacuzzi, which invariably means the spa water is prone to getting dirty.

A hot tub cover is usually a lockable safety device that you can remove when needed to enjoy the spa without cleaning or changing the water. In addition, cleaning a covered hot tub is much easier, especially when you do it yourself.

4. Increases Durability Of The Hot Tub

Those who have hot tubs in their home know that hot tub parts can be quite costly. Hence, most people use their hot tubs as little as possible to keep them in prime shape.

Having said that, tubs are more prone to physical damage when kept outdoors, like in the backyard. A spa cover protects your tub from getting damaged as it sits securely on top. So, you won’t need to worry that the new hot tub cover will get blown away in a storm.

You won’t need bricks or heavy objects to weigh down the cover, which reduces the chances of damage to your hot tub and lowers maintenance costs. Best of all, hot tub covers help protect the water against overexposure to UV rays, which is a huge benefit and enhances the spa experience.

Cover Up That Hot Tub

Well, that is our guide on hot tub covers! By now, you might be convinced by the many benefits of hot tub covers in protecting the water and keeping it spa ready at all times.

But we would like to add that you should be careful about picking hot tub covers, and it’s recommended to opt for weather-resistant materials as they last longer. Additionally, get a quality spa cover that fits well to ensure maximum safety and protection.

And, if possible, get a correct spa cover replacement to ensure that the hot tub always stays in good working condition. And if you need any assistance with your new cover for your spa, reach out to our experienced spa builders at The Pool Co.

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