Sizing a swimming pool might be among the most challenging questions when purchasing a spa tub.

The model, aesthetic appeal and efficiency of its heater and filtration unit are a few aspects that contribute to the perfect swim spa pool for your home. However, size is one of the more essential criteria on the list.

As with most things, you’ll have to consider several things when considering the spa size you need. These considerations include the usage, height, depth, number of people using the tub at a time, how much space is available in your yard and who the swim spas are for.

Let’s see how these factors play into the right-sized spa pool for your needs.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Right Spa Size

1. How You’ll Use The Spa

Your spa pool usage makes all the difference in the kind of hot tub you install. Do you intend to use the spa frequently, or will it be a seasonal practice? Will you use it to relax or as a part of your exercise routine? Or is it meant for your kids to have fun with?

You may benefit from extra wiggle room if you intend to use the tub frequently. Staying in the same few feet of water can get boring. Should you use the spa once in a blue moon, its size may not significantly affect your enjoyment.

The same goes for relaxing in your little pool, as you won’t need as much space to have fun. On the contrary, if you’re using it to exercise, you’ll need to be able to move about in it comfortably.

For your kids to have fun in the spa, keep the size large enough to accommodate them and their antics. It has to be larger than what you’d ordinarily size the hot tub, as your kids’ friends will accompany them frequently.

2. Space In Your Yard

The size of your yard will also determine how large a spa tub will be the best for you. With accessories like entry steps in mind, you’ll need much space to accommodate a tub in your yard.

3. How Many People Will Be In The Spa At A Time

This point is self-explanatory: if you have many people in the spa pool, you’ll need a much larger tub. A 6-7 foot spa will be fine for some people. But, if you’re having a pool party, you’ll need a wider area with more seats. You may also consider adding seating options.

4. The Depth Of A Spa

You’ll likely want a deep enough spa for the water to come above your shoulders when sitting down. Spas often come with seats and offer you the chance to relax at the height of the water, which is safe yet enjoyable.

The depth of a spa can range from 31-40 inches, depending on the size of your tank.

Standard Spa Sizes

While customisable, spa tubs come in several predetermined sizes, and you can use them as a guideline to gauge the perfect hot tub size for your family. These are segregated into three distinct types: 5 feet 4 inches-7 feet, 6 feet 6 inches-7 feet 9 inches and 7-9 feet.

A. 5 feet 4 inches-7 feet

Ideal for a family of four, 5 feet 4 inches-7 feet is the perfect spa to relax and have fun with. Spend a lovely evening with three others, have a small party, and maybe even play games.

These are not ideal if those using them are taller than 6 feet, making the experience uncomfortable. The same goes for a party of 5 or more.

B. 6 feet 6 inches-7 feet 9 inches

Spas of this size are the jack-of-all-trades of the section, making them ideal for gatherings. Tall people will find a lot of enjoyment in these hot tubs, and your pool or spa parties will benefit from not being hamstrung by the spa size.

You can easily have more than four people in these spas.

3. 7-9 feet

These are large enough for a residential pool party, making them ideal for frequent gatherings. The spa tanks are essentially the same size as those mentioned above - the only difference being the inclusion of additional seats.

Choosing The Right Size Spa For Your Backyard

The spa size depends on your intended use- a small relaxing evening in the spa tank or a large pool party for 8. Just ensure that your backyard has ample room for the spa tub, as there would be little point in getting a tub that doesn’t fit in.

Also, remember that your 7-9 feet spa will not be used at its fullest if there aren’t enough people to enjoy it, making it unnecessarily large. And naturally, the larger the tub, the more expensive it will be.

Before you go, please read our guide on things you should know before buying a spa. And, if you are looking to install a new hot tub in Sydney, speak to the experts at The Pool Co. We can help create the hot tub of your dreams with exceptional modern spa and pool designs.

So, being mindful of the size will save you unnecessary expenditures.

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