If you’re planning to build a pool fence, that means you already have a backyard pool. And you’re all set to have some summer fun.

Building a fence around your pool in the backyard is always a good idea because you don’t want any accidents while hanging out around the pool. Plus, it is a legal requirement in New South Wales to have one. So, your summer pool party will be a lot safer if you have a pool fence.

Pool Fence Ideas

Aside from the safety component, a beautiful pool fence can make your backyard pool a lot more stylish. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire backyard. But, before you contact your contractor and dig up the poolside, it is best to have some stylish pool fence ideas.

That’s why we’re here to highlight some of the best pool fence ideas that are relevant in 2022 in this article. Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Best Pool Fence Ideas Of 2022

Stone Fence For A Natural Look

When it comes to building a fence, we usually think about a series of metal or wooden posts. But, you can always experiment and try out new styles, opting for a more natural-looking fence for your backyard pool.

For instance, how about building a stone wall around the pool? You can use stones of various colours and textures to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing fence. It can add a unique and natural dimension to the pool, and every time you hang around the pool, you’ll get the feeling of visiting an exotic location.

Stone Wall Fence

Vertical Boards For Better Privacy

If you live in an urban area, it is most likely that your house is closely adjacent to another residential property. So, privacy becomes an issue in densely populated urban areas.

You might have to deal with some nosy neighbours every time you decide to hang out there. And that’s why you can use vertical wooden or vinyl boards for building your pool fence.

They are reasonably tall and offer a lot of privacy to your backyard pool. You can also customise the vertical boards’ colour and spacing to make the pool fence safe and stylish.

Vertical Bard Fence

Posh Contemporary Glass Fencing

The major disadvantage of installing a pool fence is that it blocks the view of your beautiful backyard pool. But, it’s a whole different story if you’re planning to install a contemporary glass fence around your pool. A tempered glass fence offers a complete view of your pool without disruption and ensures safety because it is impact-resistant and durable.

However, it is an expensive option, so if you’re running tight on the budget, you can go for a plexiglass fence. It looks precisely like tempered glass but costs almost half, meaning it can be an affordable alternative to a tempered glass pool fence.

Glass Pool Fencing

Metal Fencing For Better Durability

When you’re building a fence around the backyard pool, you want it to last for a long time. That’s why metal fences are an instant favourite among pool owners. Metal fencing ideas around your pool are always a classic option as they are highly durable and easily customisable.

In this context, steel fencing is the most durable option as steel is a heavyweight metal. And if you can install a galvanised steel fence, you need not worry about changing it anytime soon. Aluminium is also a popular metal fence choice as it is lightweight, resistant to corrosion and low-maintenance.

Metal Fencing

Affordable Mesh Fencing

Affordability is an important criterion to consider while installing a pool fence. While you want to make the pool look good, you don’t want to go bankrupt doing that. It is best to develop simple and affordable ideas for your pool fence.

That’s where mesh fences come in. Even though they are not as aesthetically appealing as a glass fence, mesh fences are incredibly pocket-friendly.

They are also impossible to climb and are perfect for keeping children from falling into the pool. Mesh fences are also soft, so kids won’t get injured if they accidentally bump into the pool fence while playing in the backyard. But, they are not very long-lasting, so you might need to replace them after a while.

Black Mesh Pool Fence

Natural Plant Fencing

Who doesn’t like a bit of greenery around their backyard pool? While plants don’t act as traditional pool fences as per building codes and regulations, you can use them to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool and disguise other fences.

Evergreen and well-manicured hedges of your favourite flowering plants around the pool can add a natural feel to the area. You can also add climbing plants to the mix to make the pool fence look more stylish and beautiful.

Hedge Fence Around Pool

Concrete Fencing For Safety

One of the primary aspects of building a pool fence is maintaining safety and nothing ensures protection more than a solid, concrete wall. As concrete walls are not easily scalable, they are the safest fencing option for your backyard pool, especially if you have kids.

Also, you can use cinder blocks of different sizes to construct an elegant and smooth concrete wall around your pool that gives off a European vibe.

Concrete & Stone Fence

Best Pool Fences For 2022

While hanging around the pool sounds fun, you must take necessary precautions to avoid tragic accidents. Coming up with a good pool fence idea not only ensures safety and privacy but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.

So, it is best to choose a pool fence idea that might go well with your backyard design. In this context, we hope our article has helped you get some fresh perspective regarding some of the most trending and stylish pool fence ideas.

You can also roll up your sleeves and look into more innovative ideas. Take care, and we’ll see you next time with another exciting guide, bye!

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