For many homeowners, having a backyard pool is a luxury they often dream of owning.

If you are a homeowner who has decided to install a new pool, there are many exciting decisions that you will have to make. Some people have a clear idea of what they want, and no amount of convincing will change their minds! However, many may be confused about the basics, like choosing the right type of pool.

Choosing Pool Shape

Such confusion is rightly so because your decision on the shape and other structural and decorative features will be permanent once installed. Any desire to change it later will be a costly renovation many do not want. As such, it is crucial that you carefully examine what will be the best for your backyard pool.

And we’re here to help you with just that!

5 Tips To Choose The Right Pool Shape

1. Examining The Available Space

Understanding the available space and the landscape around the intended pool space is crucial in identifying the right pool shape. For instance, you may want a spacious lounging area with an outdoor kitchen next to your pool. If so, your choice of pool shape will have to consider these other features.

Aside from that, the design of your house and the landscape around it will be essential factors that you will have to consider as you choose the shape of your pool. Modern symmetrical architecture may not be complimentary with a curvy pool. Your pool may look better if it is symmetrical, like your house.

2. Available Budget

Installing a whole new pool will be expensive, and the right pool shape for your home will largely depend on the available budget. While vinyl-lined or fibreglass pool prices do not depend on the shape, custom concrete pool prices do.

Different pool shapes and other added features will determine the cost of installing the pool. So, you will have to keep these points in mind as you choose the shape of your pool.

Large Shaped Pool

3. Type Of Pool

Three types of swimming pools are available; vinyl-lined, fibreglass, and concrete. Among these, vinyl-lined is the cheapest. However, it requires frequent management, and the liner would need to be changed from time to time. A lasting concrete or fibreglass pool may be the best option if you want your pool to add value to your property.

The shape of your pool will then be determined by the type of pool you want to install. For example, fibreglass offers you a range of different shapes like curvy, rectangular pools, circular, etc. They are, however, not customisable to your specific choices, so certain shapes may not fit into your available space.

Popular pool shapes with curves may occupy more space, so you might want to choose circular ones. An alternative to fibreglass would be a concrete pool that can be designed according to your specific choices.

4. Features

Once you decide on the type of pool, another important element is any additional feature you may want in or around the pool. Do you want a slide for the kids? Or should the pool have a flowing fountain beside the pool? You can choose a rectangular or a kidney-shaped pool based on these questions and your preferences.

Along with these features, consider space for future landscaping in your yard. A gazebo may look good beside the pool, so you may decide your pool’s shape, keeping these plans in mind. Symmetrical shapes like rectangles will give you room to adjust when you build a gazebo next to it.

Jellybean Shaped Pool Idea

5. Functionality

Finally, the choice of shape will depend on how you want to use it. Will you use the pool to exercise, do long swimming laps, and swim around? If so, it may be best to shape your pool in a rectangular form or L-shaped.

On the other hand, you may not be someone who wants to exercise but use it instead to lounge and tan. In such cases, you can opt for a curvy or L-shaped pool, which can also improve the aesthetics of your property.

Besides, if you have kids, a conventional shape like a rectangle or square might be the best choice for its shallow ends. If you choose a pool shape with lots of curves, kids may fall into the water and bump into the edges, which can be dangerous. Likewise, if you have toddlers, it might be better to choose a pool shape that does not have many sharp edges.

Functional Pool Shape Design

Shape Up Your Pool Choices: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

We have carefully curated some tips on choosing the right pool shape. Follow the above instructions and make an informed decision. Doing so will save you from any future costly renovations and add value to your property.

No matter which shape you choose, installing a pool is best left to the pros. At The Pool Co., we offer premium pool installation services at competitive rates. We are based in Sydney and specialise in concrete and fibreglass pools for commercial and residential spaces. Also, we offer free consultations to help you choose the right shape and design for your pool. So, give us a call to speak with our Sydney pool builders today!

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