When looking for a backyard oasis, nothing beats the comfort of a pool spa. But have you ever wondered how deep your pool spa should be? And is there a maximum depth limit for pool spas?

A deeper pool spa will provide more swimming space and create a more luxurious atmosphere. However, a deep pool spa might not be suitable for everyone, so it’s important to consider the depth that best meets your needs.

This blog post will discuss some factors to consider when deciding how deep your pool spa should be. So if you’re looking to buy or remodel a pool spa, keep reading!

How Deep Should A Pool Spa Be?

Pool spas are available in all sizes, so you can find one that will fit you no matter your height. The following questions will help you determine the type of spa that will meet your needs:

  • How many seats will you need?
  • Why is a spa needed?
  • What is the total area available?
  • Who will be using the spa?

It’s natural to worry about whether your children will be able to enjoy the spa and keep their heads above the water. That’s why choosing a unit with seats for added height would be best rather than cool-down seats or loungers.

Pool Spa White Timber Deck

This should be ideal for people of all sizes to reap the full benefits of the spa from a suitable height. We recommended opting for a spa with an average depth of between 31 and 40 inches. But even a shallow option with a depth between 30 and 34 inches should be fine.

Some of the best spa models are 33 inches deep with two back massages, a single lounger, a cornerback massage, and a Shiatsu massage seat.

How To Choose The Right Spa Depth?

To relax in a spa, you must submerge your neck and shoulders in the water to feel the jet sprays. Tall people need more room for their long legs and extra height so a spa lounger will be the best fit.

You can also use a spa booster seat, which is easy to fill with a garden hose and has suction cups for stability while proving durable. This will allow you to stretch the legs and keep the shoulders warm for a soothing experience. In such cases, choose slightly deeper swim spas, 35-40 inches deep or opt for multiple loungers to accommodate many people.

We also found compact spas 43 inches deep equipped with deep tissue massage seats to make them worth your money.

How Large Should A Spa Be?

Spas having adult seats and loungers will invariably be larger than other options, which is ideal for tall people looking for comfort. Even bigger options would include a plunge pool or entertainer spas since they are available in various sizes and suitable for moving about.

Lady Running Pool Spa Man Relaxing

Some of the best entertainer spas on the market can seat up to 9 people comfortably and have:

  • Three jet pumps
  • 54 jets
  • Therapy seat
  • Neck and shoulder collar support
  • Three back massage seats
  • Two bench seats
  • Two cool-down seats

You will also find many lighting features and water options to amplify the experience.

Will A Compact Spa Work?

Compact spas are helpful, even for multiple people, provided you choose models with open seating. Many spas are spacious and have deep tissue, upright shoulder massage seats, and loungers.

The open seats offer more space for people to move around, while you will also find toddler seats with some units.

Things To Consider

Before getting a spa for your home, it would be wise to contact a professional pool service for help and to know about your state’s pool and spa regulations. These requirements vary depending on where you live in Australia, but people in NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, and Victoria must register their spa.

At times, the local state council will offer formal registration services, which you should be aware of. And even if you don’t know about any prevalent regulations, call the local council to be double sure and plan accordingly.

Pool Spas Offer Many Benefits - Provided They Have The Right Depth

Even if you are a seasoned DIYer, we suggest contacting a professional spa service to help with installations. It’s challenging to position the spa manually, and they will mark out the backyard space based on the swim spa size and depth. And remember to clean your pool spa regularly.

Professionals like The Pool Co deliver a hassle-free experience, thanks to their latest tools and gadgets, while offering advice on what spa depth would suit your needs. They also provide a pre-delivery guide for setting up a new spa, so you know what to expect.

Once assembled, you can turn on the jets to laze around in the warm waters and feel your troubles melting away!

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