Have you been pondering what kind of pool finish to get for your swimming pool? Here are some of the best options to explore.

Many pool owners think that a pool finish merely enhances the aesthetics of their pool. While this is true to some extent, the right pool finish does much more. A pool finish will determine the safety and longevity of your pool, so it is essential to choose the right one.

However, whether you are building or renovating your current pool with many types of finishes, it can get confusing to pick the right one. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with that.

Look at the different pool finishes you can get for your swimming pool.

Why Is A Pool Finish Important?

Before we delve into the different types of pool finishes you can explore, let us take a moment to talk about why it matters. You might be thinking that adding a new pool finish is an additional cost that enhances the aesthetics of your swimming pool. In reality, however, the type of pool finish you opt for has several other benefits.

Benefits Of Getting A Pool Finish

Of course, the right pool finish will significantly enhance its aesthetics. While there are a ton of options to explore — tile finish, river pebbles, glass tiles, and plaster finish, here are the benefits you need to know about pool finishes:

  • Increases the longevity of your swimming pool
  • Determines the final look and aesthetics of the pool
  • Eliminates water leakage
  • It makes the swimming pool safer for its users

Types Of Pool Finishes

Pool Glass Tiles

1. Plaster Finishes

One of the oldest and most common types of pool finishes that you can consider is plaster finishes. This type of pool finish has been around since the early 60s. Typically, pool plaster is created by mixing white cement with crushed quartz or marble. This mixture is applied to the pool surface and smoothened with a trowel.

A primary reason for its popularity amongst customers is that it is one of the most affordable options on the market. A plaster finish also helps pool owners achieve a classic look. There are a few disadvantages of opting for plaster pool finishes, which we will discuss below.

Disadvantages Of Plaster Pool Finish

a) Stains, regular wear and tear, discolouration, and scaling are more visible

b) It doesn’t hold up well long term

c) Swimming pool owners need to balance the pH level of the pool regularly

That said, you can opt for coloured pool plaster to provide a tinted look to your pool surface. This noticeably reduces the unsightly appearance of stains, scaling, and other elements of damage. However, plaster finishes are relatively high-maintenance, so you should know before opting for this type of pool finish.

2. Tile Finishes

If you enjoy elegance, beauty, and the finer things in life, opting for a tile pool finish may be ideal. Fortunately, there are several finish options you can consider for tiles. Depending on the type of tile finish you opt for, it could cost you quite a bit. This also depends on the size and model of the tiles you choose.

An excellent aspect of opting for tiles is that they come in various sizes. This includes tiles of 1, 2, 3, and 6-inch squares. It allows you to create a smooth, classic pool design or opt for designer mosaics on the pool surface, giving it a stunning appeal.

Are you wondering why tile finishes cost more than other pool finishes? A primary reason is that a professional typically applies tiles manually, unlike different pool finishes. This personal touch often increases the cost significantly.

However, remember that tiles generally last a lifetime if you maintain them well.

If you’re worried about the cost of the tile finish going beyond your budget, we have a solution. You can add tiles as an accent instead of on the entire pool surface. This can create a striking look, especially when designed aesthetically by a professional. Before making a choice, weighing the pros and cons of each type of pool finish is essential.

Disadvantages Of Tile Pool Finish

a) It can be pretty expensive

b) There may be calcium build-up over time

c) The installation process is arduous and time-consuming

If tile finishes for the pool are something you might want to consider, here are a couple of types to know about.

i) Ceramic And Porcelain Tile Finish

Ceramic or porcelain tile finish is generally the least expensive of all options. The latter is typically more durable and aesthetic than ceramic and porcelain tiles. However, these tile finishes add a superb, glass-like look to your pool surface.

Ceramic tile finishes can be exposed or glazed, depending on the look you wish to create. Additionally, porcelain tiles come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. These textures can act as an anti-slip surface for your pool, making it sturdier and safer. So, you can find a tile to suit whatever type of pool design you have.

ii) Stone Tile Finishes

If you are looking for an all-natural option that looks exquisite and is also one of the least expensive, consider opting for a stone tile finish. It is also durable and can be designed with various river pebbles, tile stones, and other rocks.

These come in various colour and size options and are typically long-lasting. Depending on your preference, you can opt for aqua blue stones, dark green river pebbles, and other exciting shades.

Natural stone tiles are smooth but have a slightly textured surface that gives them an anti-slip surface. This provides immense safety to pool users and prevents accidents.

Tilestone is also resistant to chemicals and saltwater. The stones absorb sunlight and warmth, helping keep your swimming pool warm during winter. It is best to explore the various options of pool designs to find the best one for your home swimming pool.

However, keep in mind that depending on the type of pool design and image you choose, its total cost could increase significantly, making it an expensive option for some.

iii) Glass Tile Finish

By far, glass tile is the most expensive option for pool finish you can opt for. However, it has excellent heat-resistant and UV-resistant properties, making it ideal for intricate pool designs. It is also highly durable — unless it cracks or breaks. You can opt for several pool designs with glass tiles using glass beads or rounded, curved tiles.

Glass tiles are also relatively easy to clean and maintain. Lastly, you can customise this type of pool finish to create patterns, textures, colours, and different pool designs.

3. Aggregate Pool Finishes

If you aren’t willing to invest in glass or tile pool finishes that can cost quite a bit but don’t want to settle for the least expensive option of plaster finishes, consider aggregate pool finishes. As with any other type of pool finish, this one also has pros and cons, which we will discuss later.

Aggregate pool finishes use pigmented plaster (cement-based), stones, glass beads, crystals, and river pebbles of natural stones. It can also accommodate crushed quartz or other durable materials that significantly enhance the pool’s durability and appearance.

This pool finish is generally applied by hand and then power washed. The process exposes the surface, cleaning the plaster, cement, and dirt off the stones, tiles, and pebbles. Generally, you can choose from polished aggregate or exposed aggregate finish. This type of pool finish is typically extraordinarily comfortable and resistant to chemicals, increasing its durability and making it a popular choice amongst pool owners.

So, are you wondering what the pros and cons of aggregate pool finishes are? You already know its benefits, so let us highlight some critical disadvantages of pool aggregate finishes.

Disadvantages Of Aggregate Pool Finishes

  • It can be an expensive option
  • It requires resurfacing after ten years
  • The pool surface can be prone to calcium build-up

Pool Pebble Tiles

Choosing The Right Finish For Your Pool

These are the different pool finishes you can consider for your home swimming pool.

You can choose the most suitable one depending on your budget and the look you wish to achieve. Of course, if you are still confused about the right pool finish, consider speaking to an expert. At The Pool Co, our Sydney pool builder can help build your dream pool with your desired finish!

Let us know which pool finish you finally chose. Until then, take care and happy swimming!

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