There are several ways to decorate the poolside, but plants are the most straightforward addition to beautify your outdoor space.

You’re probably thinking that adding plants to your outdoor space or near the pool will add to the clutter and require frequent management. That doesn’t have to be the case if you choose the plants wisely.

Some plants create a lot of mess and need extra effort to clean. But, we will steer clear of those options and suggest plants that require the least amount of upkeep. In our short guide, you’ll find the best plants near the poolside to help create the retreat of your dreams.

Why Add Plants To The Poolside?

Firstly, why not? Plants and trees are an easy way to beautify any relaxing space. But we can think of plenty of other reasons to have plants by the pool-

1. Shade For Hot Summers

As summer arrives, kids and grownups will likely cool off by the poolside frequently. Most swimming pools do not have an overhead covering to protect against harsh sun rays. That’s when trees and plants can provide much-needed shade so you can stay outdoors much longer.

2. Relaxing Beside The Pool

You don’t have to chat with friends and family indoors when you have an excellent relaxing spot next to the pool. Yes, we understand that the scorching sun might make it challenging to stay out for a long.

But add just the right amount of trees, and you can transform the poolside into an oasis for sitting and relaxing.

3. Natural Privacy Setting

Adding plants and trees to the poolside is a beautiful way to create a natural fence. Not only will you avoid the cost of building a tall wall, but it’s also a way to maintain privacy from nosy neighbours.

4. Add To The Beauty Of The Pool

If there’s no other reason to add plants, get some to make the place look good. Trees and plants are a classic addition to any outdoor nook that exudes a natural and pleasant vibe.

Low Maintenance Poolside Plants

Let’s take a look at some low-maintenance plants and trees that would make a beautiful addition to any poolside-

1. Golden Cane Palm

The golden cane palm is the right plant for you if you love substantial potted plants. They are large enough to impact the swimming pool landscaping instantly but not so large that they are challenging to manage.

Palms are an ideal addition if you want a tropical and relaxed vibe in the surroundings. The good thing is that these plants don’t shed leaves often and are easy to clean. Generally, avoiding trees with large roots near the pool would be best. But this plant has thin and fibrous roots, so it’s safe to add to the poolside.

Golden Palm

2. Star Jasmine

This is another gorgeous tree you can plant near the swimming pool. It has fragrant white flowers and dark green leaves that improve the aesthetic quality of any pool area they are placed in. You can pot them if you like, but they grow well in the ground. Star Jasmine trees can grow up to 1 or 2 meters, so they are excellent choices for providing shade and privacy.

Caring for these plants is pretty straightforward. Ensure the soil is always moist, especially during spring, the blooming season. Also, you do not need to worry much about soil type and diseases because it is an adaptable plant.

Star Jasmine

3. Mondo Grass

You might need mondo grass if you are looking for a low-lying plant that adds to the greenery. These plants can be added to pots or directly to the soil. They grow 6 to 10 inches tall on average and are low-maintenance plants.

Growing them is the easiest because they grow equally well in sunlight and shade. However, if you place them in sunlit areas, you must water them frequently.

Mondo Grass

4. Hibiscus Tree

There’s nothing like it if you can find the hibiscus tree in your pool area. The flowers come in various colours, including pink, white, and yellow; you can select one or many per your preference.

It doesn’t matter if you grow it in the ground or a pot if it gets a lot of sunshine. Note that Hibiscus plants need a lot of water, so water them daily to keep them in good shape.

Hibiscus Red

5. Kangaroo Paw

This Australian plant is slender and elegant looking. But what’s eye-catching about this plant are its flowers. They are curved and available in various colours like yellow, red, pink, and white. The Kangaroo Paw thrives under bright sunlight and sandy soil.

Kangaroo Paw

6. Jade

Jade is often used indoors, but it looks fantastic near your swimming pool. The best thing about this plant is that it doesn’t require any attention and will survive in all climates, soil types and infrequent sunlight.

Jade Plant

Here are some other trees that look beautiful alongside the swimming pool-

  • Banana Tree
  • Cactuses and succulents
  • Hebe
  • Geranium
  • Agave Attenuate

Pool Plants That Are Easy To Care For

Before we close this brief guide, we’d like to add that if you select appropriate plants for the poolside, they can beautify your space incredibly well. Make sure you do not choose messy plants that produce a lot of debris. Plants with lots of small twigs and leaves can take up hours of your precious time and effort.

Besides this, avoid deciduous trees or trees with spines and cones. And if you plan on adding low-rising plants, keep them at a safe distance, at least 2 metres from the pool.

With that, we hope you’ve got a general idea of which plants to bring and what to avoid. We’ll be back with more exciting guides soon.

Until then, happy planting!

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