The single most crucial element of a pool is the fence around it.

Do you worry about your toddler, child, or pet slipping and falling in the pool?

That’s precisely what a fence is there to prevent. As long as you ensure that the gate is closed at all times, it’s a pretty foolproof method of preventing anyone from falling in.

But how do you choose a pool fence? There are countless types, styles, and ways of placing a fence. Let us break it down to help you select the fence for your brand new pool.


First of all, let’s go over the things you have to do — the regulations for pool fences. These are in place to ensure that children cannot get to the pool without your assistance.

Keep in mind that rules differ from state to state, so please check your state’s website. However, in general, these rules apply to most states.

  • Your fence needs to be 1.2 metres high or more.
  • Your boundary fence needs to be 1.8 metres high or more
  • Gates are required to close on their own
  • Children should not be able to reach the gate latch
  • Any gap between the ground and the posts should be 100mm or lower


Many materials are popular for use in pool fences. No matter what material you use, it must be robust enough to last in the hot weather and not bend or break if someone tries to force through it.


PVC Pool Fencing

PVC is one of the most commonly used materials for pool fences. That’s because it is one of the least expensive things to make a fence out of. However, if you’re having a new fibreglass pool made, you want it to look fantastic. So many people decide to pay more for a better-looking option.

Tubular steel

Tubular Steel Fencing

The strength of steel can’t be beaten when it comes to fences. This long-lasting material is heavy and robust, so no one will be able to break through it. You can even set it up to suit a sloped landscape if necessary.

There are a couple of drawbacks to using steel for your fence. It is pretty expensive, but it does last for a long time, so that it will be worth it over the long run. Also, it can rust, so you will need to ensure that you order galvanised and powder coated to prevent this.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Pool Fence

As wrought iron is wholly welded, this type of fence offers you fantastic protection around your pool. Not only that, but it looks rather stylish. Often people choose to add a design into the body or the top of the fence to create a unique look for their home. Many wrought iron fence manufacturers can make it happen whether you want swirls, circles, or other designs. Wrought iron is customisable, low maintenance, and durable, making it another excellent option.


Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium fences are a sleek-looking option that’s affordable and durable. One of the best things about this type of pool fence is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. They can be used on the uneven or sloped ground as well.

Aluminium is, however, not as strong as some other materials like steel. But it still lasts well in most environments without much maintenance.


Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Last but not least, let’s discuss glass fencing. This is a popular option due to the see-through nature that allows you to watch your children in the pool. Of course, if they are young, you should be inside the fence. But when they are older and don’t need constant supervision, it will be helpful to keep an eye on them from the window of your house.

Glass fences are not made of regular glass that will react strongly to the elements but instead tempered glass. This makes it much safer, and you can buy it in thicknesses up to 12mm.

Choose between a framed glass fence and an unframed one. Many people consider the framed fence to be more sturdy due to the visible posts, but they are both still great options for your pool.


Many pool fences sit right around the pool’s perimeter, leaving a path around it for walking on.

But you don’t have to do it that way! Many homeowners prefer to have more lounging areas surrounding the pool, making the fence’s perimeter much wider. As long as the pool is blocked off from kids, it could take up most of your backyard if you like!

A pool like our Classic Pool is ideally suited to this. It has been created to maximise the space around it and even features a child safety ledge all around the edge of the pool.

The Experts in Pools

Contact us to discuss the pool you would love to have installed on your property, and we can give you some advice on what type of fence would go well with your choice. Being the experts in all things involving pools, we can install the fences ourselves along with any pool.

Whether you want a classic rectangular pool, a square spa, or something else, we’ve seen it all done before. That means we know what looks good and what fences have worked for our other clients.

Get in touch today to tell us your pool dreams, and we’ll let you know how we can make them happen.

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