A swimming pool is nothing short of a homeowner’s pride!

Naturally, a lot of effort goes into building and maintaining a pool. Various pool designs are based on the space, requirements, and budgets. Like the different swimming pool types, pool shades differ in structure and layout.

Considering that such shades do more than shield the sun, choosing one that complements your pool in the best possible way is essential. So today, we’ve compiled a list of the eight best pool shade ideas for varied requirements.

Now, let’s get going!

1. Conic Shade

Conic Pool Shade Cover

A conic shade structure offers a traditional and practical solution for creating a shaded oasis around your pool area. Comprising four sturdy support bars topped with a cone-shaped fabric canopy, this design allows you to customize the size based on the pool deck space you wish to cover.

In addition to relieving Sydney’s intense summer heat, conic shades are engineered to withstand wind and rain, ensuring a year-round comfortable outdoor experience. For added durability, consider selecting a tensile fabric resistant to potential wear and tear.

Enhance the inviting ambience by placing a few lounge chairs underneath the conic shade, creating a cozy spot to unwind and soak up the refreshing poolside atmosphere. Thoughtfully coordinating the canopy colour with your outdoor setup can elevate the cohesive aesthetic, seamlessly blending form and function.

2. Pool Umbrellas

Pool Umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas have long been a trusted solution for creating shade over patios, yards, and swimming pools. Their versatile designs offer an excellent way to provide ambient shade around your pool area. Various models come equipped with adjustable features like canopy angles and height, allowing you to customize the coverage.

For larger pools, you can opt for a single umbrella with an expansive canopy or strategically position multiple outdoor umbrellas side-by-side to create a continuous shade area. This flexible approach ensures you can effectively create shade wherever desired, whether over lounge areas, the pool deck, or the water.

Furthermore, pool umbrellas are available in various colours and patterns, enabling you to seamlessly coordinate them with your outdoor aesthetic, adding functionality and style to your poolside oasis.

3. Cantilevers

Cantilever Pool Shade

A cantilever is a canopy that provides shade to the poolside and is a part of the pool. But unlike pool conic shades, the support posts are driven into the ground. Hence, you have to decide on the best placement before installing it.

4. Shade Sails

Shade Sail Swimming Pool

If you’re looking for an effective shade that adds a touch of style to your pool, then shade sails might just fit your needs. These use the basic structure of a ship’s sail and consist of a flexible canopy anchored between multiple anchor points based on the area to be covered.

Shade sails offer a distinct charm of modernity to the area, and the best thing about them is that they can be placed at various angles. Like cantilevers, these shades are installed permanently but cost significantly less and are easy to set up.

5. Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy

Retractable Fabric Shade Canopy

Retractable fabric shade canopies are a reliable option to transform your outdoor pool into an indoor variant. If you have a small or medium-sized pool, these shades might as well easily cover the entire pool. Multiple support beams hold these canopies in place, rendering the outdoor setup classy.

But undoubtedly, its most significant advantage is the retractable canopy, which allows you to remove the shade when not required. And just like conic shades, these provide adequate resistance against wind and rain.

6. Free Standing Canopies

Free Standing Shade Canopy

A downsized version of retractable fabric shade canopies is the free-standing canopy. Generally used to shade a specific part of the pool, these use a commercial-grade aluminium frame consisting of two support beams that hold the canopy. You can retract it to either side, creating the desired canopy angle.

7. Remote Operated Canopies

Remote Canopy Pool

With an automatic mechanism, remote-operated canopies will undoubtedly please the tech freak in you. Furthermore, you don’t have to retract the shade all the way — it can be stopped at any point to create a partial shade. However, be prepared to shell out more money!

8. Pergolas

Pool Gazebo

Having a pergola in your backyard is like having the ultimate blend of modernity and tradition! These shade structures utilize vertical posts or pillars supporting cross beams and a robust open lattice. You can place them anywhere, from the poolside to the pool patio or garden.

Coordinating Colors and Textures

When it comes to colour coordination, the possibilities are endless. A crisp white pergola supported by tapered columns can serve as a striking focal point, while a retractable canopy and side shades offer versatility in controlling light and airflow. Alternatively, you could opt for a structure that harmonizes with the colour scheme of your pool, creating a cohesive and visually appealing oasis.

A Seamless Transition with Curved Designs

For those drawn to organic forms, custom-built pergolas can be designed to mimic the gentle curves of your concrete patio, evoking a sense of tranquillity and seamless integration with the surrounding landscape.

Streamlined Elegance for Open-Air Living

Conversely, a streamlined pergola stretching across your deck chairs can lend a sleek, contemporary vibe, providing ambient shade without compromising the open-air feel.

Maximizing Functionality with Shade and Storage Solutions

Whichever design you choose, a well-crafted pergola enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. It offers a practical solution for sun protection and pool equipment storage, ensuring you can truly savour those leisurely summer days in comfort and style.

Striking Focal Points with Crisp White Structures

When it comes to colour coordination, the possibilities are endless. A crisp white pergola supported by tapered columns can serve as a striking focal point, while a retractable canopy and side shades offer versatility in controlling light and airflow.

Final Thoughts

With so many pool landscape ideas, picking shouldn’t be that challenging. But in doing so, always make your budget a priority. While small ups and downs are welcome, you ideally wouldn’t want to stretch it too much.

That’s why we highly recommend choosing a professional service that can customize your preferred structure to suit your needs. This way, you don’t spend more unnecessarily for features that virtually add no value.

With this, it’s time for us to say goodbye. But before that, here’s a quick pro tip: design a blend of pergolas and canopies to create the ultimate relaxing environment beside your pool.

See you another day!

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