Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is an excellent way to create an oasis and entertaining area right outside your home. But a beautiful pool requires an equally stunning pool deck to complement it and complete your outdoor space. When planning your pool deck ideas, the pool deck material you choose and the overall design will impact the aesthetics and functionality of the pool area.

The right pool deck can transform your backyard by enhancing the pool surrounds and providing an attractive transition from your home to the outdoor pool area. The best pool deck ideas seamlessly blend with the existing landscape while offering the durability, texture, and charm you desire for your pool decking. Whether you want an organic feel with flagstone, the timeless look of brick, or modern appeal with concrete and tile accents, the options for pool deck materials are plentiful.

This guide will overview popular pool decking materials to consider and provide inspiring pool deck ideas to suit different design aesthetics. Read on to uncover the many possibilities and find the perfect pool deck solution to complement your swimming pool. With the right pool deck, you can fully enjoy your backyard oasis for years to come.

Pool Deck Materials

Pool Timber Decking

There are many important facets to the material you select to create your swimming pool deck. Some are slippery, some will wear down quickly, and some will look fabulous.

That’s why choosing a suitable material is so important! Or perhaps your choice will come down to how much the pool deck costs. Here are your options...


Timber is a common choice for swimming pool decks because it’s an easily accessible material. It’s also cheaper than many other choices and highly customisable because you can just cut it to fit any shape or design.

Timber is a reasonably high-maintenance choice; you must take good care of it to keep it looking great. This includes water blasting, staining, and more. It’s still a good choice for areas not directly by the pool.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is also fast becoming a popular option. That’s because it can mimic timber in the style and ridges of the planks, but it is far less slippery when wet, as it is sure to be next to your pool. Composite decking is made from plastic and timber fibres and won’t expand when wet or shrink during sunny periods.

It’s a low-maintenance product that doesn’t call for any stains or a lot of looking after. The quality is excellent and will last around your pool for many years.

Compressed Fibre Cement

Often used as an attractive alternative to traditional timber decking, many use compressed fibre cement for their swimming pool decks. It’s great because it won’t shrink, expand, or stain. It is hard-wearing and comes in many colours and textures, like real timber.

Multiple Materials

It’s not all or nothing regarding swimming pool deck materials. You can choose a mix of different materials to match your needs and desired aesthetic. For example, many people place bricks or pavers directly around the pool as these are not slippery when you get out. Then, directly next to it, you can have a wooden deck. This way, the wood doesn’t get as wet, so you don’t have issues expanding or getting too slippery from water.


Unique Timber Deck Shape

Ever considered getting a pool that’s not rectangular? Here at The Pool Co, we can create any of our incredible fibreglass pool ranges in whatever shape you like. We can make it happen if you want a lagoon-shaped pool, oval, or any other style.

Of course, your pool’s shape will significantly affect the shape of the deck. The deck should cover all sides of the pool unless the pool lies against a fence. Create a deck to custom-fit your pool shape, whether wavy, round, or rectangular.


Unique Timber Deck Placement

Having a deck directly next to your pool is far from the only available option. You will need a space for people to get out of the pool, but then you could have an elevated deck next to this. This creates different areas for your family to relax and keeps sunbathers out of the splash zone. It’s also a great choice if you want timber decking, as a raised deck will get far less wet from the pool.

You could even have the concrete right by the pool, a surround of grass, and then a deck off to the side next to this. This allows people to dry off on the grass before moving to the deck to sit down. It will reduce issues with how slippery the deck is and prevent it from getting particularly wet.


You will also need a fence to keep people safe and stop children or animals from falling in the pool if you are getting a pool.

If you want to separate your pool from the rest of the property, you could add a high opaque fence to separate the pool and offer swimmers privacy.

Or maybe you’d rather you can see people from the pool house when they are in the pool. In this case, you could go with a modern glass fence. This is a wonderful choice if you have teenagers who don’t need direct supervision, but you want to keep an eye on them and ensure they are safe.


Tropical Pool Lighting

When constructing your wood pool deck, you must consider whether people will be swimming in the pool at night. If so, there are many lighting elements that you can add to your fence or wood deck area. This will enable people to see where they are going at night and have enough vision to swim.

Of course, you will have the pool lights in the pool, but these aren’t too useful once you’re out of the pool trying to find your towel. That’s why you need more lighting on the fence or around the deck for people to see properly.

Designing the Perfect Backyard Pool Deck

When designing your backyard pool deck, consider utilising the space as an extension of an outdoor living room. Incorporate seating areas, backyard features like fire pits, and space to store pool equipment. To create visual interest, the surrounding decking should complement your backyard pool, whether made from wood, concrete, stone or tile.

Carefully shape the deck to match unique pool shapes and placements. Include privacy fences or glass railing as needed. Don’t forget to incorporate lighting along the fence and deck for night swims in your backyard pool.

With numerous options for creating a stylish and functional pool deck, you can design the perfect outdoor living space to match your pool and backyard aesthetic. Get creative with materials, shapes and backyard features to maximise your pool deck as a gorgeous extension of your home.

Contact the team at The Pool Co in Sydney for expert guidance on planning the ultimate pool deck. Their experienced designers can help bring your backyard pool dreams to life with a stunning deck tailored to your vision. Looking for more information on your pool deck? Check out our guide on how to repair your pool deck!

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