If you have a pool in the house, you are already one of the lucky few.

But having a pool does not mean that the backyard has been completely taken up; instead, you can add more exciting features and pool equipment. How you redecorate a pool and the surrounding area can make your property look even more attractive and increase its value. But apart from adding a slide or diving board or updating the pool deck, what can you do?

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We know this can be overwhelming, and you may find it challenging to develop remodelling ideas. This guide lists the top ideas for pool renovations to help redesign the new pool area.

Read on to know all about them.

7 Pool Remodelling Ideas 2022

1. Adding Water Features

Adding a beautiful infinity edge to your pool or maintaining fountains or waterfalls can transform the entire pool area. You can create a beautiful space with cascading water on one side and a well-manicured garden with seats on the other.

It can also be refreshing and good for pool renovation because when you add a water feature, the pool water keeps circulating, enhancing the pool’s appearance. Circulation is essential to prevent the pool chemicals from stagnating while foreign particles can be filtered out. Flowing water also reduces the chances of algae growth.

Rock Waterfall Feature Swimming Pool

2. Building An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be the perfect addition to the pool, as you can cook finger-licking delicacies and snacks for pool parties. Everybody can hang out in one place, and nobody has to keep going inside to fetch drinks or snacks.

Such kitchens can be a pleasant way to spend time outside while keeping the house odour free since the smell from the kitchen will not waft into the house. An outdoor kitchen can increase your property value, making your home seem bigger than it already is. Use this space for family gatherings, barbeque parties, and evenings to relax outside.

Outdoor Setting Pegola Swimming Pool

3. Setting Up A Cosy Fire

Having a fireplace on the patio is going to be a great addition. A fire’s natural warmth and glow can add to the pool’s aesthetics, and your guests will love to spend time outdoors. You can add other fire features by incorporating new additions around the existing pool. Plus, you can extend or renovate your existing pool deck.

Talk to your interior or pool designer, who can come up with unique ideas. Some people also build a stage in the middle of a pool with seats and a fire pit. You can enjoy a cosy jamming session or an evening with your friends.

Cosy Fire Surounded Pool

4. Spa

Did you always want a spa that is accessible at all times? Well, it is not that difficult as you can get a heated spa installed beside the pool to unwind whenever you want.

Also, a hot tub can be a good addition as it helps the body relax, and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep after taking a dip. Hot tubs are even known to help people with diabetes and aid in weight loss. You can relieve pain, while the tub can even prevent heart disease.

So, consult a doctor if needed and hire a professional to design a spa tub based on your needs. Once your spa is installed, speak to your local expert about the appropriate way to start your new spa and the different hot tub cover options.

Spa Pool White Tiles

5. Adding Lights To The Pool

The proper lighting can set the appropriate mood for the entire pool area and light up your backyard uniquely. We prefer LED lighting to pool lights as they last longer and are brighter. They also use less energy, and you won’t see a spike in your energy bills.

LED lights come in multiple vibrant colours, and you can choose an array for the pool area. You can even program some lights to keep changing for a dramatic effect. You can enjoy a colourful light show while dipping your feet in the pool or jumping into it at night.

Pool Lights Stairs Lay Pad

6. Integrated Landscaping

You can design a beautiful backyard with integrated landscaping, and some people seamlessly merge greenery with the pool space to create a backyard oasis.

If you follow property sales and value, you will know that houses with integrated landscaping are more in demand and receive better offers. Hence, upgrading the backyard and enhancing the curb appeal with greenery can be beneficial.

Even more so because adding a green area can improve your quality of life, reduce stress, and improve mental well-being. It also reduces blood pressure and can enhance the air quality to make the backyard cooler. This will lower stress levels, increase memory and improve your attention span. Along with the greenery, you could also consider updating your pool fencing. A pool fence is a great way to maintain safety whilst adding a seamless landscape design to your home.

Pool Surounded Gardens Nature

7. Adding A Lounge Area

Some people want to spend time in the pool in the morning to chill out. So, you can add a lounge area to relax when you do not want to get into the pool.

Add a tanning ledge or beach entry to your pool, while you can install a hot tub and place fire elements beside it. The pool area should be such that people would want to relax at all times of the year.

Pool Inlay Chair Fire Place

Ready To Upgrade Your Pool Area?

While these ideas may be attractive, do not go overboard, as that can make the space look crowded or clumsy. Talking to a pool remodelling agency and discussing options before deciding on a pool renovation project is best.

Alternatively, you can get a professional to do the on-ground work if you can plan and design the place. This will be cost-effective, and you can use the money on other features of swimming pools. If you are in Sydney, may you speak to our highly-experienced team at The Pool Co. We can help you transform your space into an oasis?

Ensure that you don’t go beyond the backyard area and know the limits of your property. If necessary, check the property papers and ask an architect to define the borders so that all constructions are legal clearly.

Hope you have a fantastic experience when taking a dip in your remodelled pool. Bye!

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