Winter has arrived in Australia, and you must have already started preparing your home for the season.

But what have you thought about the poolside? Not much, right?

Well, you’re in for a surprise here. Hanging out by the pool can be a great way of enjoying your spare time during winter days, and it can also be very beneficial for your health.

You might still be thinking about how that’s possible, so let us tell you that there are quite a few ways to relax on the poolside comfortably during winter. And that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide. We’ve also included a section on tips and precautions towards the end.

With all said and done, let’s get going!

Three Things You Can Do With Your Pool During Winter

Your pool can very well be that cozy space where you can hang out during the chilly winter days. Making the atmosphere in and around the pool worth relaxing is not as difficult as it may seem. So, let’s find out the three best ways you can enjoy your time there during winter.

Pool and temperature Guage

1. Creating A Warm Atmosphere

While some people might prefer to swim in warmer water during winter, others might find cool water more relaxing.

Accordingly, you can choose to go for a pool heater or keep the water unheated. If you think of the first option, keep in mind that a pool heater may considerably increase your energy costs.

Nonetheless, maintaining warmth in your pool water can enable you to swim laps, engage in water aerobics, or even play water games. All these activities provide tremendous enjoyment while helping you stay fit and healthy.

On that note, here’s a tip to reduce the heating costs: keep a cover on the pool when it’s not being used. The choice of a pool cover will largely depend on the extent of use of the pool.

For instance, if you spend a reasonable amount of time in the pool, purchasing a solar cover is worth it. Being easy to use and lightweight, these covers would keep the water warmer more effectively than the regular ones.

But if you only use it occasionally, a more permanent safety cover would be suitable.

On the other hand, if swimming in cooler water sounds fun to you, you can do away with covers altogether. But in that case, ensure that you have an outdoor heater, a fire pit or fireplace, and some blankets handy.

This way, you can enjoy the pool space and stay warm. And the best part is, it can create the perfect atmosphere for holding small pool parties with your close ones!

2. Buying A Spa

Spas are synonymous with bliss and comfort, and having one on the poolside could offer you the best of both worlds.

Creating an oasis around the area would make it more comforting and provide you with greater privacy. Plus, you can lend it a rustic or sophisticated look as per your preferences.

Another great idea for making winters more cherishable is to add a bright and elegantly designed hot tub alongside the pool. This can prove to be a helpful addition to any Australian home in the long run as it can help soothe the soreness of muscles, relieve stress, or rejuvenate the whole body.

Several organisations in the country can assist you in designing a plan for a hot tub that would have a built-in, luxurious look. And you will be glad to know that it will be pretty affordable to set up a hot tub that’s half out of and half in the ground. For this purpose, all you will need are wood decking, stone, attractive foliage, and bricks.

To build a suitable poolside spa that fully complements your property, you can browse several plausible designs on the web. Taking suggestions from friends who have one at home will also be beneficial.

3. Cold Plunges

Generally, people associate the idea of taking cold plunges with cold lakes or oceans, but you can derive similar benefits from the home pool. Keeping it open throughout the year is the best way to utilise the pool for taking a swim in the cold water — if you like it.

Some of the primary health benefits of cold water swimming include increased blood circulation and the alleviation of rheumatic pains and respiratory issues.

Taking cold plunges can also help boost your immunity as it increases the count of white blood cells. Through this process, the body adapts itself to the changing conditions and activates its defences better. Furthermore, cold plunges are the best therapy to overcome lethargy after using a spa.

And that’s not all; it can even help uplift your mood by reducing stress and tension to a great extent, which ultimately enhances your productivity. The practice of taking cold dips in water bodies is generations old, thanks to all its beneficial effects. It’s still equally popular among young and old alike.

Tips And Precautions

Lady Dipping Toe in Water

1. Wearing The Appropriate Attire

For taking cold plunges or swimming in cooler water, you will need to retain the body heat as much as you can. So, the usual summer pool gear won’t be suitable in this case.

An effective way to stay warm is wearing two swim caps to help retain the heat better. Another option is to purchase a wetsuit that will keep you warm during a chilling pool session.

2. Keeping Away The Debris

If you’ve designed the poolside as an oasis with decorative foliage surrounding the pool, leaves, other debris, and insects may blow into the water. Although it might not seem to be a significant problem initially, soon, the debris would accumulate in more amounts, and you’ll have to spend a hefty amount in fixing the pool’s filtration system.

To rule out such possibilities, you should keep a leaf scoop, an algae brush and a vacuum hose on the poolside and use them regularly to clean the pool. Sure, you need to invest some time into this, but this is a must to keep the pool pristine.

Getting Your Pool Winter Ready!

Now that we’ve reached the end of our discussion, how do you feel about spending some quality time on the poolside this winter?

Enjoying the pool during winter has a thrill of its own; it’s just that you need to shield yourself properly from the chilly weather. So, bunk the idea of abandoning the pool like always, and get ready to have some real fun!

But before wrapping our guide, we would like to share two pro tips with you. Make sure you consider the water temperature that will be most suitable and prepare the pool accordingly. Also, it’s best to follow a weekly schedule for maintenance of the pool throughout the year to keep it in the right shape.

With that, we’ll call it a day. Till next time, adios!

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