Imagine returning home tired from work and jumping into a pool in your backyard. It sounds fantastic.

And, if you have always wanted a pool but have limited space in the small backyard, this guide is for you.

We assure you that small backyards can still hold a beautiful plunge pool for a refreshing evening dip after a long day. Plus, think of all the poolside parties you can host for a small group of friends during summer.

Are you excited? Read on to learn more about plunge pools and how to install one today.

How Did Plunge Pools Get Their Name?

Tiny Yard Plunge Pool

While the depth of a regular swimming pool can vary, a plunge pool typically maintains a uniform depth throughout. These pools are designed primarily for a quick dip to cool off and relax, though some are large enough to allow swimming laps. Plunge pools offer a fantastic way to enhance backyard gatherings and are popular among children and adults. Additionally, most plunge pools are generally larger than long, providing ample space for relaxation despite their compact size.

Concrete plunge pools, in particular, are a durable and stylish option. They can be custom-designed as in-ground pools to fit perfectly into your landscape. This flexibility makes concrete plunge pools versatile for various backyard sizes and shapes. Furthermore, while larger pools might offer more versatility for activities like swimming laps, the compact size of plunge pools ensures they integrate well into smaller spaces without sacrificing functionality.

Why A Plunge Pool Is Perfect For A Small Backyard

Installing a plunge pool is becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners who want the luxury of a pool without the extensive space and maintenance requirements of a traditional pool. Here are some of the key benefits and considerations:

Plunge Pool Spa Brick

1. Fewer Maintenance Costs

Maintaining a large traditional pool isn’t easy on your pockets. However, plunge pools require significantly less maintenance due to their smaller size. Not only does this reduce the frequency of water changes and chemical treatments, but it also lowers the need for expensive cleaning equipment. Often, a simple net is adequate for cleaning, thus saving on the cost of pool-cleaning robots. The smaller water volume significantly reduces water usage, making plunge pools a more sustainable option.

2. Keeps You Fit

Plunge pools, typically designed with a uniform depth, are ideal for light exercises to keep you healthy. They provide enough space for swimming short laps or engaging in water aerobics, which can be a fun way to relieve stress and stay fit. The compact size of plunge pools makes them an excellent choice even in small spaces, ensuring that you don’t need a large backyard to enjoy the benefits of swimming.

3. Therapeutic Effect

Apart from exercise, plunge pools with spa jets offer therapeutic benefits similar to those of a spa treatment. The jets provide a relaxing massage, perfect for unwinding after a long day. Plunge pools are also great for families with young children, providing a safe environment for teaching swimming without the intimidation of deeper, larger pools.

4. Adds To The Aesthetics

Plunge pools lend themselves to the aesthetic enhancement of your outdoor spaces. They can be beautifully integrated into garden designs, even in small spaces like balconies or compact backyards. You can enhance the surroundings with a mini garden, incorporating flowers and small shrubs to create a serene ambience. The choice of materials like tiles, marble, or pebble stones can further enhance the visual appeal of the area, turning your plunge pool into a central feature of your home’s outdoor decor.

Plunge Pool Cost vs. Traditional Pool

The initial installation and long-term maintenance expenses are generally lower when comparing plunge pool costs to traditional pools. This cost-effectiveness, combined with the functional and aesthetic benefits, makes plunge pools an attractive alternative for those with limited space or smaller budgets. Additionally, reducing chemicals and water in plunge pools saves money and aligns with environmentally friendly practices.

Ensure a proper boundary around the pool so the roots do not pierce through the pool walls. You can opt for various tile designs to make the pool attractive while highlighting the greenery. Some also use marble for the job and pebble stones on the sides. So, exercise your creativity and choose the best design for your backyard.

Things To Remember

Beautiful Plunge Pool Backyard Deck

Before you start planning your backyard transformation into an outdoor oasis, there are several key points to consider to ensure a smooth installation process and optimal enjoyment of your new plunge pool.

Planning for Your Plunge Pool

1. Evaluate the Available Space: When considering the installation of a plunge pool, especially in small spaces, it’s crucial to assess the shape and size of the area. In square spaces, for example, a well-designed plunge pool can maximise the area while leaving room for walking and adding greenery, like small trees or shrubs.

2. Secure Local Permissions: Obtaining the necessary approvals from local authorities is essential before any construction begins. Ensure you understand the required specifications and have all the necessary documents prepared.

3. Choose the Right Builder: Discuss your vision with a pool builder experienced in maximising smaller pools for smaller spaces. They can help design your pool and estimate the installation costs and timeline. Do your background research to find a reputable provider, possibly in specific regions like Western Australia, if applicable.

Enhancing Your Plunge Pool Experience

4. Incorporate Advanced Features: Add swim jets for an enhanced swimming experience. These are perfect for exercise and can turn any small pool into a lap pool. Heating features can extend the usability of your pool into the cooler months, making your plunge pool a year-round retreat.

5. Fewer Chemicals: Plunge pools generally require fewer chemicals than larger pools, which is better for health and more environmentally friendly. This aspect often leads to all the benefits of pool ownership with fewer downsides.

6. Add Aesthetic and Functional Elements: To make your plunge pool the centrepiece of an outdoor oasis, consider integrating fire pits for an inviting ambience or a seating area for relaxation and social gatherings.

Health and Lifestyle Benefits

7. Promote Wellness: Plunge pools with swim jets and therapeutic features can offer significant health benefits, such as improved circulation and stress reduction. The consistent depth is ideal for aquatic exercises, which are excellent for fitness without strain.

8. Family-Friendly Design: If the pool is to be used predominantly by children, adjust the water depth accordingly so it’s safe and enjoyable for them. A shoulder-height water level is generally ideal for adults. Doing this is based on your family’s needs.

By carefully planning your plunge pool installation, you can create a stunning and functional outdoor oasis that maximises your available space, enhances your home’s aesthetic, and provides a private and health-promoting retreat.

The Perfect Small Pool

With this, we are ready to wrap up, and we are sure you will have a great time with your new pool.

Just remember to choose a reliable team of technicians for the job. And, if you are a DIY enthusiast, you may still want to hire professionals to help calculate the correct measurement and positioning. Also, there will be a lot of digging involved, which you may not be able to do alone.

Look no further than The Pool Co. if you’re looking for high-quality, professional pool builders in Sydney. We customise concrete lap pools for residential and commercial properties. Please speak to our friendly team for more information!

Until next time!

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