Not to deny, swimming pools are a great addition to the backyard of any property.

Swimming pools come with several perks. From hosting a pool party to relaxing with your family on weekends, pools are the perfect space to escape mundane life.

However, this luxurious addition requires a lot of maintenance to keep its waters pristine and debris-free. Pool maintenance isn’t challenging if you do it with dedication and commitment.

Even though pool care professionals can help you maintain the health of your pool, opting for pool supplies is the best bet. However, you cannot simply walk into a pool store and get anything you want.

Before investing in pool supplies, you must know which ones are necessary for maintenance. And that’s what this guide is all about. Besides saving hundreds of dollars, you can care for your pool like a pro.

So, let’s dive right in!

Pool Supplies You Need This Summer

Swimming pools are the perfect hang-out space for friends and families. But, before taking a dip into the pool, you must clean the pool thoroughly to ensure their safety.

Whether above-ground pools or in-ground pools, it’s better to revive them before jumping into the water. That said, we’ve listed some of the essential supplies you must get to maintain the health of your pool.

So, let’s take a look.

Testing Pool Ph Levels Strip

1. Test Strips

If you own a pool, then the first thing you need to do is stock up on some test strips. Testing the pool water once a week is important because that will let you keep track of the pool water quality.

When buying test strips, make sure you get a chlorine test kit. Chlorine test strips will help you maintain the chlorine level of the water.

2. Pool Cleaner

Whether you have an above-ground pool or a swim spa, a pool cleaner is essential for pool owners. No matter how much you try to protect the pool from the elements, debris, dust, and fine particles, they sneak into the pool’s water. That’s when a pool vacuum or cleaner will come in handy.

Of course, such unwanted guests are annoying, but a pool cleaner will wipe them away. Hence, you can enjoy swimming in crystal-clear water.

3. Algae Scrub Brush

We are sure you wouldn’t want algae to devour your pool equipment and the pool. Hence, when buying pool supplies, include an algae brush too.

Using stainless steel bristles is the best bet if you’re looking for brushes to remove algae growth from ladders, walls and other surfaces. Alternatively, you can opt for brushes with nylon bristles for vinyl liners.

4. Skimmer Basket

Debris, dirt, and grime are sources of nuisance for pool owners. Hence, don’t forget to get a skimmer basket to clean your pool. Thanks to its telescopic pole, you can also remove floating debris and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

5. Pool Shock

Are dead skin, microbes and allergens troubling you? Then, a pool shock is the one that will come to your rescue. The pool chemistry isn’t balanced well if your pool emits foul odours. Hence, it’s time to add shock to your pool.

Regardless of what lurks in your pool’s water, adding some shock will sanitise the pool’s water, making it safe to swim. Also, sanitising your pool after heavy downpours or family gatherings is wise.

6. Essential Tools

Keeping a toolbox in the pool area is always the best decision. A toolbox will always be handy if you use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten loose nuts. Hence, keeping them in or around the pool area will save you from running inside occasionally.

7. Pool Cover

Do not forget that a pool cover is an essential pool supply for pool owners. When buying pool covers, always ensure that they are the right fit for your pool.

Only when they are the perfect fit will they protect your pool from leaves, debris, and other dirt and grime. It must also be durable enough to withstand the winter season. Hence, investing in a top-notch cover is the best bet.

8. Pool Chemicals

Keeping the water level balanced is the key to the pool’s longevity. So, when buying pool supplies, don’t forget to include pool chemicals in your shopping bag. You’ll need an alkalinity increase for alkalinity levels, like sodium bicarbonate.

Meanwhile, pool stabilisers such as cyanuric acid are necessary for pool owners to balance water. Algaecide is a chemical that suppresses algae growth in the water. If you notice a drop in hardness level, increase calcium hardness in the swimming pool.

How To Prep The Pool For Summer?

Brush Clean Algae Walls

1. Clean The Pool Cover

If the winter season is bidding farewell, it’s time to begin cleaning your pool. Of course, you wouldn’t want the dirt, grime, debris, or branches of trees to get into the pool. Hence, clean the cover of your pool. With a long-handled brush, remove the dirt from the cover.

2. Fill Up The Pool With Water

After you’ve cleaned the cover, it’s time to fill the pool with water. Since pools require large volumes of water, make sure you have sufficient water to fill the pool.

3. Add Chemicals Into The Pool

Next, we come to the most essential part of prepping the pool — adding chemicals. Your pool was untouched for about four to five months. Hence, the water isn’t safe for your health. And that’s why, before diving in, you must add chemicals to ensure no nasties are sitting inside.

Pool test kits are great for checking the chemistry of the pool water. After adding the chemicals, know it is safe to jump in when the water is crystal clear.

4. Shock Treatment

Pool owners are pretty much familiar with shock treatment. However, if you’re a newbie, let us tell you what it is.

It is known as shock treatment when the chlorine level is raised above 5ppm to oxidise bacteria and algae cells. Shocking the pool once a week is an excellent option to protect your pool from dangers lurking in the pool water.

5. Putting Elbow Grease

When you decide to open your pool for parties, do not forget to scrub the pool using elbow grease.

Clean the filter, whether a cartridge or sand filter, along with baskets. Cleaning the filter properly is essential. Next, scrub the tiles and clean the surrounding area. Also, don’t forget to check the deck.

6. Double-Check Everything

When you’re done with most of the tasks of prepping the swimming pool, you must check whether the pool devices are in top-notch condition. Along with the pump, filter system, and strainer basket, don’t forget to check all other pool equipment to ensure they work correctly.

Summer Pool Supplies

Owning a swimming pool is no less than a luxury. However, it is essential to maintain the pool for proper functioning. Maintaining a pool isn’t a daunting task with all the abovementioned supplies. Of course, you’ll also develop a new skill and save thousands of dollars.

That said, we have come to the end of our short informative guide. But, before we sign off, here’s a piece of advice for you — keep children away while prepping your pool to avoid accidents.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the guide as much as we loved writing it for you. Maintaining the pool could be more fun involving your friends and family.

Till then, enjoy the summer season and have fun!

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