It’s no secret that you enjoy relaxing swimming sessions in your home pool.

There are multiple health benefits to regular swimming. But if you’ve landed here, you’re probably worried that your existing pool isn’t in its best shape. We understand that this realisation is insufficient to determine whether you’ll have to renovate your pool.

Signs Time Pool Remodel

You should figure out the exact reasons behind the issue, so it will be best to look for and examine some significant signs of such a need. That’s why we’ve curated this short and simple guide to help you get a grip on these essentials.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

6 Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Pool

While some signs are more apparent, others will need a closer look. In a nutshell, the following are some common situations when you’ll need to remodel your pool:

Swimming Pool Steps Chrome

1. Safety Concerns

Safety is a key point to consider when owning a pool. Make sure the design and other features of the pool are suitable for your family to enjoy.

A crucial aspect in this regard is maintaining the safety provisions for kids. If your little ones love to frequent the pool, scheduling a pool renovation to upgrade or add certain safety features is justified. These include installing safety fences, updating your pool cover, and ensuring the pool’s surface isn’t too slippery.

You can even add a shallow extension to the pool to ensure ultimate safety for your kids. Also, be alert to spot any of the following defects in the pool:

  • The stairs and ladders aren’t in proper condition
  • Issues with the wiring
  • Uneven poolsides that make the kids prone to falls
  • A diving board that isn’t used regularly can be dangerous

2. When Your Pool Needs Frequent Repairs

Like ageing vehicles that are better replaced than repaired, swimming pools need significant remodelling at some point in time.

A common issue pools face in the long term is leakage, which can often lead to cracks on the pool surface. Cracks may weaken the pool’s structure, while leaks cause algae growth, degrading water quality.

A renovation can solve such issues permanently rather than resorting to frequent pool repairs on outdated equipment. In such cases, a pool renovation is most about replacing vital modern pool equipment or updating the structure with a significant remodel.

Kids Playing Swimming Pool

3. Reduced Energy Efficiency

While remodelling a pool, using modern equipment, etc., comes with greater upfront costs, it can add to your savings in the long term. The higher energy efficiency of such equipment can significantly reduce the expenditure on the pool.

These energy-efficient additions include LED lights, an automation system for the filter and cleaner and an energy-efficient pool pump.

4. You’re Getting The Landscaping Updated

When you’re remodelling the landscaping of outdoor space is perfect for renovating the pool. You can add new tiles to some parts of the pool, incorporate a matching water feature or even install a hot tub in the pool. On a side note, it’s best to keep track of the modern trends in pool renovation and plan accordingly.

Remember that beautifying the pool and making it more functional can increase its appeal to potential buyers in the future. A reliable pool builder can help enhance the aesthetics of your pool efficiently while ensuring it blends well with the landscaping.

Staged Swimming Pool Stairs

5. Outdated Pool Design

Continuing with an outdated pool design and appearance will naturally reduce the appeal of swimming or even relaxing at the poolside. You will probably find your little ones growing weary of their swimming sessions pool and instead getting back to their video games on a sunny afternoon.

Such tendencies signal that it’s high time you go for a pool renovation to regain its original charm.

6. It’s Becoming Expensive To Maintain

Chlorine is considered a staple cleaner for swimming pools, which has become costlier in the last few years. That’s why all homeowners might not find it very budget-friendly, and in such situations, switching to a salt-water filtration system will be a better alternative.

A significant advantage of such systems is that they don’t need a lot of chemicals to run properly. Moreover, you won’t require balancing and testing the water as frequently as is required for a chlorine pool.

Is It Time For A Stunning New Pool?

Hopefully, you’ll have a clear idea of whether your pool requires pool renovations. We suggest starting to plan the procedure at the earliest if you find it needed. And the first step would be to list the features you’ll have to improve or add.

Then, move on to find an efficient and reliable pool remodelling company. Lastly, we’d like to alert you about a prevalent trend in this regard. While some of these companies usually focus on the structural alterations and design of pools, others deal with specific aspects, such as upgrades in the filtration system. As such, you must decide on the type of company suitable for handling your remodelling project effectively.

At The Pool Co, we employ expert designers with the knowledge, insight, and expertise needed to restore and rehabilitate your pool. To determine if your pool should be remodelled, contact The Pool Co. today to learn more about its current condition. Our friendly Sydney pool builders are happy to help!

And that’ll be all for today, but we’ll be back soon with another informative guide.

Till then, take care!

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