Swimming pools with glistening waters already make your property look inviting and fun.

Why not kick it up a notch by adding a water feature to your pool area? Not only will the suitable water feature make your pool even more attractive, but it also turns the area into a relaxing haven – your very own home spa.

Additionally, you can amp up the style factor of your backyard with landscaping and stone walkways for a contemporary and modern look. Perhaps, you prefer a tropical beach-like ambience, complete with a tan-tiled pool entrance, straw umbrellas and lounge chairs. Or, you can choose to add other elements, such as natural rocks and sound machines, to create a jungle vibe.

The design opportunities are endless – all you need to do is plan and make sure that each element in the backyard complements the other. And, of course, the swimming pool is possibly the most crucial part of it all.

So, if you are looking for a suitable water feature to feature in your outdoor space, read on for some clever design ideas.

Best Water Feature For Your Pool

1. Waterfall

Any conversation or list circling various types of water features is incomplete without mentioning waterfalls. Rightly so, as this versatile pool water feature delights the entire family – no matter their age.

Waterfall Feature

That said, any kid in your house will love watching the cascading waters as much as they enjoy playing with them during a fun afternoon of pool games and poolside snacks. At the same time, waterfalls may be installed alongside elements, such as ferns and rock features to create a sophisticated and contemporary look.

Waterfall designs are undoubtedly inspired by nature, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this water features easily make your pool reminiscent of natural surroundings. Adding this feature to your swimming pool will transport you and your guests to a serene waterfall amid a tropical rainforest.

And this works even better with pools having a unique and freeform shape than conventional boxy swimming pools with rectangular ratios. Nevertheless, you can close your eyes and let the gurgling waters put all your troubles at ease – even if just for a while.

2. Rainfall Curtains

Rainfall Curtains Example

In the spirit of imitating nature, rainfall curtains are yet another water feature that can fill the entire landscape with a touch of elegance while offering some entertainment. A rock display for a natural setting or beach-themed decor to complement this addition can turn it into a style statement.

3. Water Wall

A close cousin to waterfalls, water walls are just that – they consist of a backsplash on one side of the pool with a wall blade through which water cascades out. And while waterfalls are closer to nature, the water wall is well-suited for pools with geometrical shapes and clean accents.

The seamless and polished look of water walls can be enhanced by the construction material of the wall itself. For instance, you may use concrete or steel for a subtle and minimalistic look. Or perhaps, if you want to pack some opulence, adding colourful lighting to the design may give it that glamorous edge.

All in all, this is the suitable water feature for a contemporary pool design if you want to be creative and yet retain a classy appearance around your pool area.

Water Wall Photograph

4. Fountains

Fountains are yet another classic – and at the same time, they allow endless opportunities for customisation. Whether you prefer a custom-made statue spouting water or simple floating fixtures, fountains are a great pool water feature to get your guests talking.

Water Fountains In Pool

What’s more, if your property is large enough, consider lining up several pumps and lighting fixtures that are timed to create a dancing fountain show. While these are ostentatious and dramatic water features, even simple designs around the pool creating a relaxing ambience will be as much of a people-pleaser.

5. Deck Jets

Nothing says family-fun like sprinklers and deck jets that shoot up water for a refreshing splash when you are not in the mood for a dip. Not to mention how these festive additions instantly bring about cheer and make your backyard a much more attractive space.

Water Jet Pads

Desk jets are small fixtures that are installed onto wooden decks. These are designed to shoot up narrow water arches into the swimming pool. They don’t take up much space, so it is a design piece worth considering if you are renovating a small backyard or a raised spa.

6. Splash Deck

Splash decks offer a built-in shallow kiddie pool and design value simultaneously.

Water Splash Pads

Generally, splash decks refer to a small tiled space that runs along the swimming pool’s perimeter. However, you can use these shallow accents in different ways. Perhaps they can work as a demarcation line between the pool and the spa, or you may fit it in the centre of the swimming pool.

What’s more, you can pack on even more water features to the splash deck by adding bubblers and small fountains for added style. Not just the kids but even the adults can take a breather by lounging on these raised platforms as they listen to the calming bubbling of water.

This pool design not only charm onlookers but also has its practical benefits.

7. Scuppers

Scuppers placed strategically around your pool can take the waterfall experience to the next level. That said, most scuppers are designed around raised platforms and backsplashes to spout out water into the swimming pool.

Scuppers Water Feature

For starters, these slots or spouts can be customised to release water in the shape of your liking. These flow styles include trough, chute and sheet. At the same time, the placement of the water features can also enhance their effect on the landscape.

Some nifty ideas include installing triple scuppers on a wall step-like fashion or placing an overhead scupper on an adjoining building.

Water Feature from Garden

Pool Water Features

Consider each element’s location, size, and shape before jumping on to your designing project and selecting a spa or swimming pool water feature.

For starters, ensure that the additional water features are not overwhelmingly large for your pool or property. Bear in mind that some water features, such as waterfalls, work better with curvilinear pools that are more naturalistic in shape. Adding a rock display and greenery around it may also enhance the natural appeal of the swimming pool water features.

On the other hand, minimalistic pool water features, such as scuppers and jets that spout narrow streams of water work well with a geometrical pool design. Additionally, some of these basic features can even be installed by a seasoned DIYer.

For more complex jobs, be sure to hire a pool builder or a technician as you sit back and unwind– after all, your pool area should be a place for relaxation.

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