There are many reasons for getting a lap pool over a traditional one; however, lack of space is one of the biggest ones.

If you can’t construct a classic pool because there’s just not enough space, or if you’ve been looking to practice swimming, then a lap pool is a great idea. Regardless of what category you fall into, it’s always a good idea to gather as much information as you can before installing one.

This is why we have this guide here, to tell you what you need to know about lap pools. So, with this in mind, let’s cut to the chase!

What You Need To Know About Lap Pools

Lap Pool with Deck

What Is A Lap Pool?

A lap pool is long, rectangular and narrow, usually installed in-ground, though it can also be built above the ground. You can tell by its name that it’s been made specifically for swimming laps; thus, it needs to have considerable length.

Most lap pools are around 40 feet, but some (usually the ones used by professionals) can be up to 75 feet long.

In addition to this, the recommended depth for a lap pool is around 3.5 feet to 4 feet. This is enough to ensure that no injuries are caused due to body parts scraping the bottom of the pool.

Kind Of Material Used

Just as a traditional ground pool can be constructed using different kinds of material, it’s possible to build a lap pool using either vinyl, acrylic sheet, or concrete. The pool’s costs vary with the kind of material used; for instance, concrete is the most expensive, and vinyl costs the least.

Do keep in mind that pools made of acrylic sheets are prefabricated and thus need to be transported via trucks. Since most trucks have size limitations, typically, a lap pool made of acrylic sheets can’t have a length of more than 40 feet.

Kind Of Water

Moving on, another way in which you can personalise the construction of the lap pool is by selecting whether chlorinated water or saltwater will go in it. In addition to that, you could also consider making the pool a heated one or turning it into a jacuzzi.

And finally, if you’re worried that your backyard won’t be able to accommodate a full-size lap pool, then a spool pool is a good choice. Those are much smaller and even allow for resistance swimming.

Benefits Of A Lap Pool

Lap Pool Spa

1. Helps Maintain Fitness Levels

Not only is swimming fun, but it’s also a kind of cardiovascular exercise. If you’re looking to lose weight, you can consider swimming since it works out every body muscle. In addition, swimming multiple laps burns way more calories than walking does and strengthens and tones the core and muscles.

2. Swimming Can Be Done By Anyone

Once you get the hang of breathing in water and using your arms and legs, it is easy and fun to swim. It doesn’t put weight on any specific part of the body and takes away pressure from the joints. It’s perfect for anyone in recovery from some injury or someone who has impaired mobility.

3. Boosts Mental Health

When one swims (or even exercises in general), the body releases hormones that make one feel good. If you’re stressed out or worked up, swimming is a good way to clear the mind and destress. Thus, overall, it works wonders for one’s mental health.

4. Improvement In Sleep Quality

As we mentioned before, swimming is a cardiovascular exercise, and any kind of exercise tends to make one feel tired. The tiredness, combined with the calming energy of water, positively impacts your quality of sleep.

5. Affordable

Now, of course, if you opt for a lavish design and high-end materials, installing a lap pool will cost a bomb! But in all other cases, this type of pool is relatively affordable, hence, its high popularity.

Lap pools have a simple shape with little to no additional elements. However, if you want something fancy and multi-functional, consider combining the lap pool with a lagoon pool, a spa, etc.

Regardless, the installation and maintenance costs are lower than conventional pools.

6. Durability

An in-ground lap pool is generally as durable as any other in-ground pool. Other than that, the pool’s durability will depend on the materials used in construction. You must work carefully with your budget to choose high-quality materials for the pool and its surroundings, such as the deck.

Disadvantages Of A Lap Pool

Above Ground Lap Pool

1. No Customisation

Because of the simplicity of a lap pool, any customisation and design options are limited. So, if you have kids at home, a lap pool will not quite serve as a place for enjoyment for them. For pool parties, too, you can try adding inflatable accessories, but with the narrow make of a lap pool, it will not have the same effect as a standard backyard pool.

2. Offer Less Value To The Property

Due to the limited functionality of a lap pool, it does not add much financial value to the property. On the other hand, a conventional pool will make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

3. Maintenance

Although the cost of maintaining a lap pool isn’t exactly high, it will require more or less the same effort in maintenance as any conventional pool out there. So, if you want to use a pool for anything other than professional swimming practice, this factor may become a major drawback for you.

However, like many other factors, this one is entirely subjective, so it depends on your needs and preferences.

Is A Lap Pool Right For You?

If fitness is your passion, installing a lap pool in your backyard makes a brilliant investment. Lap pools are also an excellent choice for people who want a pool but don’t have the space required for a traditional one. As such, it is perfect for singles, couples, and families!

But, do keep in mind that younger children shouldn’t be left unsupervised at the pool, even if they know how to swim. Since lap pools optimise space, they don’t have steps leading into the water, making for a risky descent.

Additionally, they don’t have a dedicated shallow end like a traditional pool. However, a lap pool is usually more conducive for children to learn to swim since the distance between the two sides of the pool isn’t that much.

For more information about how a lap pool can benefit you, or if you have any questions, please contact our team. The Pool Co has provided Sydney locals with exceptional, high-quality and premium pools for many years.

We’ve reached the end of this guide with this, and we hope you know more about lap pools now than you did before!

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